Simple Halloween Treat

Ready for a super simple Halloween treat idea?  Check out this one that you can make in minutes!

Here is a list of supplies you will need:

These are the other items you will need.  To order them, simply click on an image below 🙂


How to Make It

Now that we have covered the supplies, it's time to show you exactly how easy it is to make this simple Halloween treat.

  1. Start by measuring your bottle circumference.  My favorite way to do that is to take Baker's Twine, wrap it around your bottle, mark where the twine overlaps itself, then lay that out on a ruler.  Add 1/2″ inch to that measurement.
  2. Cut your Pumpkin Pie card stock to that length and 1″ wide.
  3. Cut your patterned paper to that length and then cut to either 7/8″ or 3/4″  (either works, it's just a matter of what you prefer.
  4. Attach these pieces together and then wrap and secure around your bottle.
  5. Die cut your patterned paper.  I chose the cauldron and cat images from the Toil & Trouble paper.
  6. Attach your die cuts to your bottle using a Dimensional.
  7. Measure the diameter of your bottle's lid and punch a circle from patterned paper.  For me, it was a 3/4″ circle. Then secure it to your lid.
  8. Tie a bow with your stunning Black Glittered Ribbon and attach to your lid using a glue dot.  If you struggle at all with tying bows, be sure to order a 10 Second Bow Maker here.
  9. Fill with treats!  I chose nerds 🙂


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End Result

Who can you picture that would love to receive this adorable treat?


simple halloween treat | upcycled bottle



Simple Halloween Treat



Emily wants to make these for her volleyball team.  She also wants to make all the other projects that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of days, so be sure to keep checking back.

What To Do Now

Make sure you get your supplies ordered that you need.  It takes about a week for your supplies to come in.  While you are waiting for your box to arrive, grab your jars or bottles from your local craft store.  After you have those selected, THEN pick out your candy.  Make sure it will fit though the neck of your bottle.  (Made that mistake many times before!)


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Simple Halloween Treat



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If you are not into Halloween, you can use this idea for any other holiday, just change up the images 🙂  Simple Halloween treats are fun to create, and even better to give away!