Ohmigosh – I was going to save this matchbox template for closer to the winter holidays but when I made these test projects they were so cute I just couldn't WAIT to share them with you! AND I made a Make-It Video for you to be able to see all the little tricks and tips.

First, take a peek at these adorable giftables:

Check out this free make it video to go with this matchbox template

Can you believe you can make one WHOLE matchbox – the box AND the slider – using a single sheet of 6 X 6 paper? Truly! And to help you do that here's a free matchbox template (click to download a PDF that you can print out and keep in your idea binder):

Free Matchbox template to make a cute giftable from a 6 X 6 sheet

Cut on the solids and fold on the dotteds…..  Now, watch the video to see how all these pieces come together:

SO cute, right? Imagine what you can do with these little babies! Earrings, charms, tiny candies, make a stack as an Advent Calendar or use a bunch to countdown to a special date, anything petite and sweet can all be tucked inside as a token of love or friendship.


Make this super cute giftable with this free matchbox template

The only thing I had to add is the ribbon and the teeny tag which I cut from a scrap!

Here are the other products I used to make these adorable matchboxes: 

Use this free matchbox template to make cute little giftables


I hope this matchbox template helps you come up with your own cute versions of these adorable giftables!


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