This will be a two part post after all because there is so much to share about the 2017 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog because it is SO much FUN!!




So let's start with the basics: There are NINETEEN money saving Bundles in this 55 page sample filled catalog, some with Thinlits and some with punches. There are seven Suites all devoted to a different holiday or aspect with both traditional and non-traditional colors – YAY! There are two kits, one all inclusive. And all of it is delicious!

One thing that struck me in particular about the 2017 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog is that, as much as some of us love to play with our thinlits and ribbons and shaker cards and embossing paste, there are plenty of us who crave a chance to just stamp and this catalog offers a number of truly gorgeous stamp sets, a few crazy whimsical funny stamp sets and several entirely flexible stamp sets so we can just stamp and LOVE it!  Thank you, Stampin' Up!, for giving us these options for the holidays (and beyond)!

I have a long list of Things You Might Have Missed which I will share tomorrow (when most of us have more time to pore over the samples) but today I want to point out something very important – items I believe could go on backorder quickly because of their popularity. After over a decade as a demonstrator I have become pretty good at spotting those things that people go nuts over and recently we've seen that Stampin' Up! has occasionally struggled with forecasting so *I* am going to do it for you! And I have a pretty good track record (egg cartons, anyone)?

On page 12 you will see the 7/8″ Striped Ribbon – this ribbon is wired and holds its shape beautifully! Since it works with all of the winter holidays (check out the Merry Little Christmas Suite) it will likely GO GO GO as soon as people see how beautiful it is with all the different papers and projects.

The Mini Tinsel Trim on page 21 is also something that I think people are going to gobble up due to the incredible sparkle it offers and the terrific price point – WAY less than in the big box stores!

The Santa Suit Bundle is already hugely popular because it can be used worldwide, even where people are celebrating Christmas in the summer! If you love it, please don't wait!

On page 37 in the Year of Cheer Suite, I am seeing those Foil Snowflakes FLURRYING out the door!  At just $6 for 24 and at their size – over 3″ across! – these are the ideal embellishment for any winter card and can be cut into pieces to extend your package. The fact that there is coordinating Year of Cheer Specialty Washi Tape – which has to be seen to be fully appreciated because it is stunning! – is only going to make these guys go faster.

My number one prediction for an item to go on backorder are the Mini Pizza Boxes on page 44; these are already showing as being in low inventory! I will have some ideas for you on these insanely cute boxes but I am betting that you and everyone else on planet Stampin' Up! will have no trouble envisioning how you will use these this holiday season. Seriously – have you seen anything cuter lately?  They are the “egg carton” of the 2017 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog and you do NOT want to be pining for these when they go on backorder!

The Cat Punch on page 53 is sure to go fast!!!  If you want it, grab it immediately!

And last, the Treat Tubes on page 53 are also already showing as having low inventory. You get 12 for $5 and they are PLASTIC not glass like so many others and at just about 4″ long, they are the perfect size for a mini treat! And not to mention stinkin' cute!


What will sell out fast list – simply click on an image to add to your cart.


SO! If you do not have your own copy of this goodie packed catalog and you are not already working with another demonstrator, email me TODAY at, include your snail mail address and phone number and I will get one out to you pronto!

In the meantime you can see it here. Start a shopping list and check back tomorrow when I will share even more fun facts, Things You Might Have Missed and other tips to help you get the most out of this awesome 2017 Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog!





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