Did you get your brand spankin' new, shiny, no fingerprints, smells-so-good 2017-2018 Stampin' Up! Catalog yet?

NO!!!!!!  This cat is SHOCKED!


This cat is shocked that you don't have your 2017-2018 Stampin' Up! Catalog


Sorry – I get really goofy when we have new stuff!  Don't you just love new stuff!  Here's what the new catalog looks like:

2017-2018 Stampin' Up! Catalog Cover


And if you think the COVER is pretty, wait until you see what is inside!

If you DO NOT HAVE a copy yet, you can get one from me. For free. Yup, F-R-E-E. The only thing you have to do is email me at Meg@Iteachstamping.com, tell me you want one, tell me WHY, and give me your snail mail details and phone number and I will get it right out the door. I have elves and they help.

I have already mailed STACKS of these out to my regular customers and I have more that are just dying to get into a good home. Say the word and a glorious new 2017-2018 Stampin' Up! catalog will be YOURS!



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