One of the items that I tried to do to make sure that you all see new things on my blog EVERYDAY is to schedule posts for when I know I cannot pry my eyes open any earlier to get on the computer before I have to run out the door.  Well, I thought that as I wrote them the night before, they were magically appearing as scheduled for the next morning.  Hmm…  So what lesson have I learned?  It is 2010, not 2011 as I scheduled them. 

I blame it on Zumba!  Anyone familiar with Zumba?  Any familiar with 8am Zumba?  For those of you that know and love me, know that I really don't believe in waking up before the crack of 9.  (it used to be noon, but I have a toddler)  Well, I started Zumba exercise classes, which means high intensity dancing at oh-my-gosh-early-in-the-morning and I believe it has truly has affected my brain!  

If anyone else is feeling the same, I welcome you back to 2010.

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