Gift Card Holders Made Easy with a Clever Framelit!

More and more of us are giving gift cards for the holidays now and I wanted to show you how gift card holders can be made easily with one clever Framelit from Stampin' Up!  The Gift Card Envelope and Trims framelit may not look all that impressive on the page but man, is this tool a workhorse! First, it cuts and creases your gift card envelope in one sweep and cuts out those cute little reinforcements that when added in a contrasting color can really make your gift look like you put a lot of effort into the little details. It also cuts two cute banner shapes that you can use in a million ways – and NOT just on gift card holders!  This is one of those examples I talked about before where it pays to “shop” your supplies to see what little elements you have that can really punch up a project.

Let's take a look at the actual completed envelope:

Gift Card Holder Envelope

See how the little reinforcements – cut from the same Framelit – make it look extra special?  Now let's peek at the enclosure:

Gift Card Holder Enclosure

So cute, right?  It came together in a snap, thanks to the Festive Flower Punch and the accompanying Reason for the Season stamp set.  The Festive Flower Punch in currently one of the Weekly Deals so you can snap it up at a discount!  And see the “To/From”?  Well, I wanted something clean and maybe a little retro to match the gift card holder envelope I made but couldn't find anything like that as a stand alone stamp.  Then I saw the words in the perfect font in Merry Everything but it was part of a tag stamp.  What to do?  Well, I took a post-it note, punched out a square in the center using my 1″ Square Punch and used that as a mask over the rest of the stamp.  Take a look:

Masking a Stamp Using a Post-it Note

Again, always check out your stamps and see if that exact thing you want to use is part of another stamp.  Then be creative about masking out the parts you don't want and get the parts you DO!  Here's what else I used to make this project”



So, as you are going through your Holiday crafting checklist and making a list of those people you will be gifting with gift cards, think also about creating gift card holders that you can customize to the recipient and how this one handy tool can make it that much easier!