I love using word dies for card making and with this project I am featuring using the NEGATIVE space left when you cut out a word – check out how cool this looks:

 Cool Way For Using Word Dies for Card Making


Isn't that pretty?  Sometimes those negative spaces left by dies can add some serious punch to a graphic card like this one. See if you can tell what I did NOT use on this card – take another look:


Check out a cool idea for using word dies for card making


NO STAMPS, NO INK!  I know, right?  Talk about a card that you can make in a moment! And you can switch this up so easily with any color papers and any word die. I liked using the punch of the black behind with white with some pops of pink. In fact, the paper and the washi tape are called Pop of Pink and are BOTH retiring!  Here are the other products I used on this project:


Here's one more peek so you can see how offsetting the layers added that punchy vibe:


Such a great way of using word dies for card making


Try out this fun way of using word dies for card making and see how many ideas YOU come up with!


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