Learn more about and take advantage of the Stampin' Up! Retired List


Every year about this time stampers everywhere are consulting the Stampin' Up! retired list for items that are no longer going to be available for sale after the release of the new catalog.  I get a lot of questions about this and I thought it might be helpful to answer them here so you can all understand what is UP with this!  Here we go:

What does “retired” mean?

I know, it sounds like the items are all going to be joining golf clubs, taking up shuffleboard or moving to Florida, right?  What “retired” means as far as Stampin' Up! is concerned is that specific product will no longer be sold by Stampin' Up!. So Stampin' Up! ceases producing and selling retired stamp sets, no longer orders ribbons, papers, and other embellishments in Stampin' Up! colors and designs and no longer has custom accessories produced for them.  This means that unless you get really lucky on eBay and can stomach paying some of the prices, you aren't going to be able to purchase those products again after the conversion to the new catalog.

Well, can't I buy retired items from other places later?

Like I said above, sometimes you can get retired product on the open market but with rare exception prices can be astronomical if you can even find the item you are looking for.  People know the value of their retired items and know that once something is retired it becomes that much more valuable and price accordingly.  Last year there was a stamp set and framelit set that was offered for $42 combined from the previous catalog that was selling for – are you ready? – $150 on eBay and they got the full ask price!

Does Stampin' Up! raise the prices of retiring items?

No!  Prices remain the same through the end of the catalog sales period and in fact, some items are even offered at a discount.

What if something I want is sold out?

The good news is that stamp sets will continue to be produced until Monday, May 23rd when they will be available as supplies last.  Items that Stampin' Up! does not manufacture themselves, like embellishments, paper, ink pads, etc. can sell out at any time so that's why I encourage people to check their wishlists right away and get their orders in early.

How do I know if something is sold out?

When you download the retiring list, there are several columns.  The last column is where items that are sold out are indicated with an “X”.

Why does Stampin' Up! even bother to retire things? 

I have seen Stampin' Up!'s warehouse and shipping area and it is enormous.  And packed to the rafters.  I can only imagine the space and systems they would need to add thousands of new items every year!  So by removing items that are either not popular or have lived out their “style” lifecycle, Stampin' Up! can make room for new and fresh designs and products.  And since crafters are always looking for more and fresh and new and WOW! stuff, Stampin' Up! stays on the forefront of trends and when they have both the physical and sales space for new things they can jump on them sooner.

Do I get Stampin' Rewards (hostess benefits) from things on the Retiring List?

Of course!  Stampin' Up! is one of the few companies that gives you Stampin' Rewards on ANY purchase you make from them – catalog items, Clearance Rack purchases, Retiring List items and Paper Pumpkin – so you can combine and add up those purchases to get free goodies any time!  And don't forget that you also get I Teach Stamping Rewards, too, so a stock up shop can get you some serious swag!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will answer them here so everyone can see.  Hopefully this has helped explain more about the Stampin' Up! retired list and what it can mean for you as a customer.

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