What Are You Thankful For?

Reading that question really makes me stop, pause and re-read it.  What about you?  Wow, the list is long.

Now change up the question…

WHO Are You Thankful For?  Whoa – Major stop, pause, re-read and think.  And the struggle isn't can I think of anyone, instead the struggle is making sure that my mind comes up with everyone and make sure no one is left out.

How did this card start?  By asking myself this very question.  And the name popped up, the face of the name, the crooked smile – the essence of the person.  And then I locked into the crooked smile – and therefore, the card fold became a little different, not exactly crooked – but different.

Then I started digging through my stack of patterned paper and I locked in on this color combination.

who I am grateful for greeting cardWhy?  Because of this image right here – it is his favorite “place for wings”.  And knowing this about him, helped this patterned paper practically JUMP right out of my stash and into my hands.

(Be honest, are you a little surprised to see me put Hooters on my site?)

I put it on there so you can see exactly what I was talking about.  I mean this is so ‘HIM'!

Let's get on to the card – I opted for a leaf, cuz it just fit in with the theme I was going for.  And the sentiment totally says exactly what I need it to say – cha ching!

As tempted as I was to put a bow on it, he would probably throw it out the window.  That I can pretty much guarantee.  So it was linen thread and a double knot for that boy!

who are you grateful for greeting card

Here is what I want you to do, hop on over to my Facebook page and simple write the name of a person that you are thankful for, let's have some fun with that.  I can't wait to see your response to it!


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