Using the Host Code and Ordering Tips

Using the Host Code

You might be wondering what a host code is and also why it's important to use it.  A host code is an 8 digit code that is found at the bottom of my blog posts and always on the sidebar.

When you go to order, start at, add an item to your shopping cart, then simply add the code to your order.

Why to Use the Host Code

There are two main reasons to use the host code:

  • First, it allows me to thank you with tutorials and/or other fun surprises.
  • Second, it ensures that your order is placed with me.  The Stampin' Up! ordering system won't lock in your order with me unless you verify that it has my name with it on every page of the order, or to make it easier, you use the host code.


Ordering Tips

Here are some ordering tips:

  • Use the search bar in the up right hand corner to find items.  Even using parts of a product name like “white 8″ will help you easily find Basic White 8-1/2″ x 11” card stock.
  • Don't start an order before a promotion begins.  If you start an order the night before a promotion, you won't see it (or any price reductions) in your cart.  
  • Items will stay in your cart until you complete your order or until you physically remove them.
  • If you start your order with me, and then click on another demonstrator's store, the order will automatically transfer to him/her.  So be sure to change it back to me or use the host code.
  • Be sure to check out the Clearance section before you complete your order.
  • When checking out, if you choose the “No Contact” option, I won't be able to see your name or contact info, and therefore won't be able to share any gifts with you, and that would be sad.


Thank You

Thank you so much for selecting me as your demonstrator!  I have loved being a demonstrator for almost 20 years, it's been such a treat and an experience.  I work hard at sharing ideas with you and helping handle any customer service issues joyfully, as I love helping others!  XOXO, Meg