Today's project teases out a new stamp set that I am super excited about and ties in with another project already shared here on the blog.  What should I talk about first, the stamp set, or how this ties in with the other project??? And note that this was made using strips of DSP to make a thank you card that takes mere seconds to put together!

Let's start with the stamp set…

It's a new flower set. Now before you start shaking your head, thinking you already have more flower stamps than you know what to do with, hear me out.  This set is pretty different than the others in several ways.

It's a distinktive set, meaning it has different layers of tone for your ink, AND it has fresh fonts that are much more on trend.  I love the sentiment that says sending a card instead of a text – we all need that stamp!!!  It's just fresh and fun.

Keep in mind that this is a sneak peak stamp set and isn't available until Jan 4, 2022.



See what I mean about those flowers?  And those words?  I love them!  I can't wait to make a whole stack of projects using these stamps.

The funny thing about this card is, I started it before the box even arrived that had this stamp set. I had it all made, ribbon and all, just waiting for the words to be added so I could share it with you!

So let's chit chat about this card.


About The Card

If I have said it once on here, I know I have said it dozens of times.  I LOVE scraps!  I devoted an entire online class to using scraps I love them so much.

I had these 1″ x 6″ scraps from the Sweet Symmetry patterned paper sitting in my bin.  I look at them every day and kept thinking that I needed to use them up.  So I finally did.

These strips were layered onto a Crumb Cake panel at different heights and on funky angles.  And then I did something that I am not sure you can even see in this picture.  I ran it through the Painted Texture embossing folder.  Card stock and patterned paper, all at once.  It makes for the coolest texture!  Almost like the paper had been crinkled up first, but not as dramatic as crinkling it all up.

It went onto some white card stock and then a Crumb Cake card base.

That little hint of white makes all the difference!  Try it with it and try it without and see what you think.

Some gingham ribbon wrapped and a bow were added and then it sat and sat, waiting for this stamp set to arrive.

You might be thinking why wait?  Why not use another stamp set?

To be honest, I get bored easily.  It's very true!  I get bored with stamp sets after I have used them over and over again.  There is nothing like a new set to invigorate and stir the creative pot, so to speak.

I'm sure you know that feeling…

You order something and wait, and you look forward to it arriving.  You know you will use it several times within a few weeks of it arriving and it's like it's sitting in the box on the UPS truck calling to you to let you know it's almost there.  And then the glorious day arrives!  The UPS truck pulls up in front of your home just as you are leaving for a volleyball tournament that will last at least 8 hours and when you get home you will need a shower and a glass of wine (or maybe a glass of wine in the shower) – and that stamp set you have been dying to use sits in a box cuz momma needs to sleep off her poor tushy that's been on a bleacher all day.

THEN the next day the magic happens… rubber meets the ink pad, settles perfectly onto your card stock and BAM!  it's perfect for your card.

And that's the story of how this card came to be.

Wanna see it?

Awesome, because I want to share it with you!


The Project

Here it is in all her glory!  Lean way in to your computer screen.  Like WAY in, hopefully you can make out the fabulous texture from the embossing folder.


Come see how using strips of DSP to make a thank you card gives you instant card making gratification


I hope you can see it!  It just sets it all off perfectly.

Are you ready to give it a try?  Below is a list of supplies you will need.

Remember that the stamp set is a sneak peak, so you can't order it until Jan 4th.  I will update the shopping list to include it after the 4th.


The Supplies

To order any of these supplies, simply click on a link below.  Use the Host Code below to earn free tutorials from me as a fun thank you!

Click here to place your order with me, use the host code below, and receive a free gift from me. 

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And there we go folks!  A fabulous card and a fun tale to go along with it!


Thank You

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out this project!  My hope is that inspires you to create a card using supplies you have and teases you a bit for a stamp set that isn't in your stash… yet :). See you in the next project!  XOXO, Meg

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