What to Make When One House Celebrates Two Different Holidays

Hello from New Orleans!  After two nauseating flights, and a tummy full of some kinda stuffed shrimp with crab meat with a cajun twist, I am sitting in my hotel writing to you about the card you see below.  I have the pleasure of spending a few days at a conference with some of my favorite people and eating WAY too much yumminess this week.

Before I left, I created some cards to share with you this week.  And it is totally NOT my style to create far in advance, so we shall see how it goes!

This card is a creation of what to make when the sentiments you have just don't cut it.  What I mean by that is, what kind of message do you stamp on a card when the recipients are a mixed religion?  What kind of decor do you put on it?  I asked my neighbors this question, because he is Jewish and she is Christian, and I want to give them a card- but no one wants to send an offensive card, right?

They laughed at me, and thanked me for my concern over this, and then also told me that most are not considerate of this.  So they recommended a “His & Her” card, one that covers both.

And I went about my crafty way – with loud music and a non-traditional color palette – and stamped an ornament and dry embossed the snowflakes… and it wasn't even until I finished the card that I realized that there wasn't a sentiment.  But I didn't care, I love this card exactly how it is!

Then it got me to thinking, I wonder how many of my friends that I mail cards to, I don't know their religious preference or if they have a blended religious home, and this is a card that would be perfect for that!

What to Make When One House Celebrates Two Different Holidays

SOOOO, don't go blab it to my neighbors that their card is on my blog today :).

And adding a touch of silver with the ribbon and rhinestones – too fun!!!

This card is simple, and simple to mass produce.  So…

In the comments below, tell me how many Christmas Cards you need to send out this year.  Go do it now and I will share more with you from New Orleans soon!


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