Do you ever wake up and have this grand list of things that you know that you will accomplish, you just know it.  And here it is 6pm and I finished 4 of the 12 things on my list.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Today, I spent the entire day making video tutorials, which I love doing by the way.  The only problem is, I cannot leave a project alone.  I finish it, I tweak it, I remake it.  I look at the next project, finish it, tweak it, remake it.  I wish I was just content with what I originally make, but I never am.  So 9 hours later, I have only made four of the 12 things that I wanted to. 

But I did finish the card that will be posted tomorrow for one of the sketch challenges that I am a part of, and it is super cute!  Also, stamp club members:  I finished all the videos for this month, so they should be finalized and on the club blog tomorrow. 

So be sure to check back tomorrow for a cute card and video tutorial!

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