I have used “Friday Finish” for many, many years now in my personal life and I decided today that I will start sharing my Friday Finish with you!  What is Friday Finish?  I will try not to be too wordy.

I love weekends, whether I am working over a weekend or not, I feel like the word Weekend is just a happy word.  It is rarely said with a frown, and most everyone looks forward to them.  So I try to get the most from my weekend.  And in order to do that, on Friday, I have to finish what I started earlier in the week.  I do not want anything hanging over my head for my weekend.

When I was a kid, we had to clean our rooms on Saturday mornings.  Now that was painful.  Why?  Because many moons ago, we had kick butt Saturday morning cartoons!  And with one brother and one sister, we really only got to watch the ONE show that we each really wanted to watch, and then suffered through the other one's choices.  But still they were cartoons, watching a bad cartoon is still better than cleaning, right?  And if you had to miss cartoons due to a dirty room, AGONY!  I mean, they were only on once a week, and we did not have DVRs.

So I have Emily do what she needs to do on Fridays after she gets home from school.  Then on Friday night, our entire street is outside, everyone is visiting and the kids all run wild.  And our weekend has officially begun with a clean slate, nothing hanging over our heads.  Now Emily really does not watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, but we can all sleep in, and that is heaven too!

When I asked her this morning what she needed to finish for the week, she thought, and then said that she really still needed to talk to me about her hair.  She wanted to talk to me all week about it, so she better do it today.  I said, let's talk about it now then.  Her response, “I want you to do a better job at fixing my hair.  I want you to make it long on some days, curly on others, and then push it all back with a crown like a princess on the weekends.”  Then she looked at me and said, “Ok, I have finished my week.”

So that is what a Friday Finish looks like through the eyes of a five year old.

Today, I am going to Finish another cup of coffee and then Finish a video for you that I have started and stopped about 18 times this week.  I will Finish it, I have to, it is Friday:)

So be sure to check back in a bit to see what my Friday Finish project is.

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