I Teach Stamping On Pinterest

Today I want to share a quick tip that will give you the fastest way to find I Teach Stamping on Pinterest.  Well, obviously you can click on my badge in the sidebar or you can just click here – be sure to follow the I Teach Stamping ACCOUNT and not just individual boards to make sure you don't miss anything I pin.

Another way to get directly to me on Pinterest is to simply add “ITeachStamping” after the “http://www.pinterest.com/” in your navigation bar at the top of your browser.  Yes you can use the search field within Pinterest at the top of their page but you will have to sift through a bunch of additional fields to actually find me.  This works for other sites, too; just add their business name after the slash in the URL and you should be brought right to their account.  Saves a TON of time!

One of the things I love the most about Pinterest is that it allows me to load eye candy right out there for you to see, share and us as inspiration.  Some of my board titles are Card Making Ideas, New Products, The Friday Flip, Video Tutorials and more.  You can save any of the pics to your own inspiration boards for the future or share with other Pinners to figure out what you all want to do next.

I would LOVE it if you followed me!  Head on over and click that red “Follow” button and never miss a project, announcement or any of the other fun things I share on Pinterest.  And it's so easy now that you know how to find I Teach Stamping on Pinterest!

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