Hey everyone!

There was supposed to be a blog post shared with you all today, but on Wednesday at noon, I got a phone call from Emily's school that she was really sick and needed to come home.

She is still home today and feeling worse than she did on Wednesday.

While I hate her being sick, there are some silver linings that have come from the last three days.  First, I got in some great snuggle time with her.  When they get to be 12, snuggling with mom isn't the highest thing on her list of things to do.  So any chance I get to do it, is more than ok with me.

The other thing is that she is flat out mad that she is missing school.  What kid is like that?  When I was a kid, I would try to sit next to other sick kids so I could miss school.  Not Emily.

She loves her new school, she loves her friends, she hates missing lessons, and really can't stand the idea of being behind.

When Emily got up this morning, she started getting ready for school.  I went in and checked on her and it was the most pathetic sight ever.  She was walking so slowly from one end of her room to the other (about 8 feet) and it took her forever.  She was trying to put on her shirt as she walked, and was struggling.  Then she started talking.

She sounded like an 88 year old man that had smoked all his life.

She still is not running a fever, thankfully!  It all started with allergies from the cold fronts that moved in and now has settled into her chest.

Since I have been with her for the last three days, watching movies, getting in snuggles and visiting with her, the video recorded for today is still not edited nor was the blog post to go with it.

Don't worry though, I have every intention of sharing a new project with you on Monday!

See you then!  Hugs, Meg

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