You need a “fun” break – take this quiz and learn if Stamping Family is right for you!  Note the answer that most accurately reflects your response and we will tally up your score at the bottom.  Let’s get started!

1. When you make a huge mess in your craft area you look at it and think:

A.  Mess?  What mess?  This reflects creative genius at work!
B.  Oh NO!  I need some organizing ideas STAT!
C.  OOh look how pretty that scrap of ribbon looks on that paper – gotta make a card!

2. When you need an idea for a project you:

A. Know how to search for the type of project you want and find it quickly.
B. Know if you search long enough through your piles you will find SOMEthing.
C. The first thing you see is the first thing you will make.

3.  When you decide to take an online stamping class you:

A. Prefer videos because you like to watch someone show you the steps.
B. Prefer videos because you need to see it done before you can imagine it coming together.
C. MUST have videos because, hello?, how the heck else can anyone figure it out?

4.  When you are done with a project the first thing you do is:

A. Make note of the items you used, what occasion it is for and to whom you will send it.
B. Add it to your collection knowing that at some point you will wish you kept a photo to make it again.
C. Toss it in the pile and hope at some point you see it again.

5.  When it comes to stamping friends you:

A. Like to get to know people gradually through sharing your projects and ideas.
B. Feel the more the merrier!
C. Wonder who has the time to go out and meet people with all the stamping that you can do?

6.  When you learn about a new tip or trick you:

A. Marvel at their ingenuity.
B. Wish you had a place to remember all of them.
C. Do it right away because you can always use a good tip!

7.  When it comes to showing off your projects you:

A. Have total confidence and love to share to inspire other people.
B. Wouldn’t mind sharing if you knew people were going to be kind.
C. Would love to but don’t have a place or a system to do it easily and quickly.

8.  You prefer to get ideas for:

A. Sketches
B. Color combinations
C. Hit me with something crazy

9.  When it comes to paying for classes online you:

A. Don’t mind paying for high quality classes.
B. If someone can show you how to do something new that you thought was hard you are IN!
C. Want to see everything from the basics to complicated but don’t want to shell out a ton.

10.  When it comes to other crafters you are:

A. Friendly and nice – we are all in the same boat and love what we do.
B. Kind of in and out but do love to share.
C. OMG – LOVE meeting new people!

Ok, now look at your answers and see below for your results to learn whether or not Stamping Family is right for you!

If you responded mostly with As you are what we call a “Focused Crafter”.  Focused Crafters work with a plan and they love to be organized yet ready to stamp when the mood strikes.  Focused Crafters LOVE the Stamping Family Gallery feature because they can instantly create their own gallery with spots to record a category, a dull description, respond to any comments or questions and be able to reference back to your projects any time.  Focused Crafters also love the Stamping Family Inspirations that allow members to use them to create their own versions of a multitude of projects meaning inspiration is always at hand and never ending.  Focused Crafters also love that all video classes created by founder Megan Daves are FREE to Stamping Family members and are available to watch when you are interested in learning. Focused Crafters love Stamping Family because the site is incredibly well organized, contains tons of content and they can easily find and navigate through their favorite spots.  Stamping Family LOVES Focused Crafters because they provide tons of ideas and helpful suggestions, are super kind and friendly and know how to get stuff done.

If you responded mostly with Bs you are what we call a “Spunky Crafter”.  Spunky Crafters are so in love with crafting that they often don’t really care what they are making but let the process direct them.  Spunky Crafters may LOOK like they are a hot mess but they always execute something they and others love.  Spunky Crafters are particularly attracted to the Stamping Family Inspirations because the minute they see them, their creative juices begin to flow and they can’t WAIT to start crafting!  Spunky Crafters may not be as confident as Focused Crafters but they do love to show off their projects in their own gallery and know that Stamping Family members are the nicest on the web and will shower them with love.  Spunky Crafters love that they get all Megan’s classes for free and can’t wait to try something new. Spunky Crafters love Stamping Family because there are always new ideas, the community is incredibly supportive and fun and they know they can find that thing they saw again without having to go nuts looking for it.  Stamping Family LOVES Spunky Crafters because they provide a new and fresh look at things, they have a fun energy and their projects often bring a whole new round of creative inspiration for other members.

If you responded mostly with Cs you are what we call an “Impulsive Crafter”.  Impulsive Crafters also love to craft and allow their inner creative imps lead them to their projects.  Similar to the Spunky Crafter, an Impulsive Crafter can take an idea and turn it on its head, usually in a new and funky way.  Impulsive Crafters love the social aspect of Stamping Family and are excited that Stamping Family combines that and endless inspiration.  Impulsive Crafters also love that the site is super organized because otherwise they might get lost in all the creative offerings. Impulsive Crafters particularly love Stamping Family for the fact that it offers everything from refreshed beginner information all the way to the FREE and fun advanced technique classes and videos from Megan Daves.  Stamping Family LOVES Impulsive Crafters because they always have new ideas popping up and aren’t afraid to make and share them with the entire community.


Wait a minute.

Did you notice that Stamping Family is a fit for EVERY type of stamper?  Well, how about that?  Who knew?

Well it’s true.  And that’s what we set out to create.  Click below to learn more.  The only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU!

Click here to get started – we can’t wait to meet you!

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