I want to be perfectly honest and talk to you about how you can start your own work from home business TODAY for $100. Yes that seems to good to be true and they always say if it seems that way it probably is. But here's the thing – you CAN start your own work from home business with Stampin' Up! and you CAN turn it into anything you want. I am living proof!

Maybe you want to make enough to support your habit (which you can practically do through the discounts alone) or enough to have some mad money every month. Maybe you want to pay off one specific thing – like a car – or just go for big chunks of income around holidays or vacation times. Maybe you are transitioning from a paid position due to having small kids, getting laid off or retiring and want to have an opportunity to still get out there and earn. Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator – “Demo” in demospeak – can do that for you.

What you get out of it is in DIRECT relationship to what you put into it. And since it's fun, even the “hard” work can be enjoyable. Is it all roses and unicorn breath? No, of course not. Is it better than punching a clock and grinding away? I think so.

start your own work from home business

The Stampin' Up! Starter Kit is $99. For that you get $125 of product plus some basic business supplies – everything you need to get started right out of the box. You can choose anything you want from the catalog for your product items so getting a taste of what it's like to be on the inside actually SAVES you money as a customer. During Sale-A-Bration, which ENDS FRIDAY!, you get to take two additional stamps sets for FREE – any stamp set, any price. So now it's sort of a no-brainer if you like stamps, right?

Let that sink in for a sec……up to $229.00 of product for $99.00.  Wha-what?

Can you AFFORD to decline?

So then what happens is you get to be on the inside of the demo world – oooooooh (it's actually sort of fun!) – and you have until the end of June before you have to make a single purchase as a demo. But – here's another HUGE benefit – as a Demo, you are going to get a full month ahead of e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e- else to see the new catalog (it comes out online in 14 days!!!), ORDER certain items from the new catalog before anyone else, get to see one of the new product lines that is in that catalog and otherwise just gobble up all the new new new along with all the other demos.

Did I mention that ANYTHING you purchase from the catalog counts as sales? That means you get a discount on everything in the catalog AND it counts toward the sales minimums, which are among the tiniest in the Direct Sales world – just $300 every quarter. Trust me, you have to try to NOT meet your minimums!

Here's the last thing I will say here – the last few days of Sale-A-Bration, especially the last two – people are signing up, like, every minute. If you are interested, do it TODAY. That way if there are ANY glitches, snags, technical issues…….we can correct it immediately, get you your brand new shiny Demo Id Number and get you started.

Stamping is one of the most fun things you can do with your pants on and you can start your own work from home business TODAY and combine the love of crafting with the satisfaction of making money!


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