Stampin Up Two Step Stamping

There are many questions about two step stamping when it comes to using Stampin Up stamps – and today we are going to talk about what it means, how to do it, and tools that can help!


What is Two Step Stamping?

Before we can go any further, let's talk about what it is… and what it is not.

It simply means using two or more stamps to create one image.  Doesn't matter if it is two, three, eighteen – it's all two step stamping.

There is some speculation as to whether Stampin Up actually invented the term, no one really seems to know – and thankfully, it's doesn't matter.

To me, it's creative genius!

When it comes to the outcome, it usually means more texture, more color, more depth – all by using the same stamps and inks that we use for everyday paper crafting.  No crazy art skills needed.


What is It Not

What is isn't is stamping off, or often called 2nd generation stamping.  That is where you take one stamp, ink it up, stamp it, and then stamp again before re-inking.  That's a great technique, but often times people get this confused with Two Step Stamping.  (You will see some blog posts covering this, but not today.)

The difference in it is the number of stamps you use to create your image or images.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping

There are several ways that Stampin Up has indicated that it is a Two Step Stamp Set.  But let me warn you, you might need your cheater glasses to see one of them 🙂

In the last handful of years, there was an icon with the number 2 in the middle.  This was shown in the catalog and also on your stamp set case.  With the latest stamp case revision, it got changed to the world's smallest font that just says two-stamp.  It is also listed in the catalog in the product description.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping | identifying stamp sets that are two step stamps


There are two different kinds of Two Step Stamping sets – ones that add the depth and texture, and ones that just add color.  Today we will talk about the adding of color.  Here is the post that is about adding texture and different colors.

So we will be focusing on the On the Blow Out the Candles stamp set.  Let's look at the cake images on the right hand side.

We will be working with the outline of the cake, and then the monster teeth pieces, as I like to call them 🙂  But really, one stamp colors in the top section and the other stamp colors in the bottom.  We are using three stamps, again, number of stamps doesn't matter, to achieve our finished image.


Step 1:  Stamping Your Outline Image

Everyone does this a little bit different, but my hands-down-most-favorite-way to do this is to start with the outline image first, and then add in your fillers.

So you will start with stamping your cake outline in Tuxedo Black ink.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping | Step 1


Step 2:  Add One Color

I like to start with the color I will most likely mess up on 🙂  Which is normally the bigger image.  That way if I need to start over, then I don't have to do it ALL over again.

So for this card, start with the bottom color of your cake.  I chose Lovely Lipstick for my color for the bottom of the cake.  You just line it up and stamp.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping | Step 2


Step 3:  Add Your Second Color

Time for some Pineapple Punch for the top piece.  I love red and yellow together – you pick whichever colors you want for your card.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping | Step 3


And just like that, you have a two step stamping piece ready to do whatever you want with it!


Tools For Two Step Stamping

In the crafting world, we really have two ways of approaching it all:  Precision or Winging It

I am extremely jealous of those that can just wing it… totally green with envy!

For those of us that tend to be a little more Type A with out stamping, let's talk about some ways of ensuring great results.

That means tools.

The best “tool” is honestly a good photopolymer stamp.  These are the clear stamps.  You can see right through your acrylic block and line it up that way.  It's not fail proof, but any means.  (Full disclosure, I did have to stamp that cake above three times to get it perfect.)  I came really close, but not how I wanted it for you all.

So we move up to the Stamparatus.  This is a new tool from Stampin Up that is a positioning tool.  There are others on the market, but this one is (luckily) my favorite, as you can just do more with it than you can with other stamp positioners out there.  One technique you can't do with other similar products is Hinge Stamping.  You can see that here.

Basically you put your stamp where you want it – I always recommend using either a scratch piece of paper or a laminated grid sheet to make sure you have it all lined up, close your lid to pick up your stamp and then ink, stamp, and done!  You can use your Stamparatus for clear mount and photopolymer stamps.

When it comes to wood mount stamps, the tried and true is still the Stamp-a-Ma-Jig.  This is a tool I have no intention of ever getting rid of.  I honestly can't believe Stampin Up retired it, but you can still get it from other manufacturers.


The Project

I could leave ya hanging on what this project actually looks like, but won't 🙂

Let's start by talking about the supplies and then we will move into the step by step of how you will want to make it.


Stampin Up Two Step Stamping | The silver thread behind the sentiment


The Supplies

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Stamp your cake image as we did above and then die cut it with coordinating framelits.
  2. Die cut a black circle that is bigger than your cake.  (I went with the Stitched Shapes framelits.)
  3. Choose two scraps of coordinating paper – I LOVE using up scraps, what about you?
  4. Before attaching scraps of patterned paper, lay it all out on a piece of Whisper White card stock and decide where you want your splatterings to be.  (huh – spell check says that splatterings is not a word.  I use it A LOT!!)
  5. Move your patterned paper and cake layers away (very important step!)
  6. Start by stamping your splatter in your lighter color of ink and your Timeless Textures stamp set.   **We will talk about why down below.
  7. Take your Aqua Painter and get it pretty saturated with water, pick up ink from your Tuxedo Black ink pad lid and then hold it over your project and thump the Aqua Painter over your white panel to get the spray effect.  The closer you are, the thicker your drops will be.
  8. After drying, attach your darker patterned paper.
  9. Stamp your sentiment in your black ink under your patterned paper.
  10. Ensuring we don't have any stamping boo-boos, it's time to finish out your layering.  Secure your lighter color of patterned paper, just covering up the top section of your darker patterned paper.
  11. Secure silver thread behind your black circle, then attach to your card.
  12. Finish by adding your cake to your card using Dimensionals.


The Layering Why's

Step back about 5 feet from your computer and think about what color really jumps out at you on this card.  It should be the red color.  We call that our color pop, or pop of color.  We want to use it, but not too much of it.  When you make cards and sometimes there “just too much” going on, it's from an overuse of your color pop.  By just having it as our base on our cake and then a strip of paper that is set back behind our yellow paper, behind our black circle, behind our cake and not in our splatters or in our card stock base, it allows that pop to happen.


Now It's Your Turn

If you have two-step stamps and have never used them, go for it!  Give it a try!  I often find that those that don't use them are just because they aren't sure how to use them, and as a newer stamper, that can feel a little intimidating.  It's really like magic – like heat embossing, it's one of my favorite techniques.

If you don't have any, try this stamp set.  It's one of the first stamps I purchased out of the new catalog from Stampin Up this summer.


What's Next?

Don't miss this post where we stick with Two Step Stamping project, but it will focus on depth and texture, rather than on coloring in.


Wanna Pin For Later?

I just started adding these Pinterest graphics from you, and it's more than obvious that you all love them!  So here is this one with the color combination:


Blow Out The Candles Bundle


I hope you enjoyed today's Two Step Stamping project featuring Stampin Up stamp sets.  If there is something you want to learn about with this technique simply leave me a comment below.  See you soon!

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