Stampin' Up! Ribbon Is Selling Out!

Lots of stuff is retiring this year and the gorgeous, glorious Stampin' Up! ribbon is starting to sell out.  Every year we see a few go and then all of a sudden – BOOM! – there's no more ribbon left!  Nooooooooo!  Don't let it happen to you!

Here's why Stampin' Up! ribbon is such an amazing deal…

Not only is Stampin' Up! ribbon actual TRIM quality ribbon meaning it is all woven from fibers and not just pressed together with plastic adhesive (like some craft ribbons – blech!), you get a LOT more ribbon for your money when you buy it from Stampin' Up!. Ribbon that you can get in the big box stores might look like a deal when you price their $5 against Stampin' Up!'s $7 but not once you realize that you get just a couple of few yards on their spool and up to TEN yards from Stampin' Up!. Price compare – you will see – Stampin' Up! ribbon is a fantastic deal.

Over on Stamping Family we use TONS of ribbon and share loads of great ribbon tips like how to remember if you loop up or down when you are creating a box closure, cool ribbon storage ideas, lots of fun bow tutorials and so much more.  We all agree that many of us have a ribbon addiction and if you need tips or ideas you are always welcome to check us out.  At just $9.95 a month it's the best “walkin' around money” you can spend on the web!

I am not allowed to share anything from the new catalog yet but I can tell you that Stampin' Up! is NOT getting rid of ribbon.  I CAN tell you that you will not be able to get any of the retiring ribbon, which you can see here on the Retiring list, once they are gone.  If you have a favorite style or color on the retiring list, stock up now so you never have to rue the day you run out of your favorite Stampin' Up! ribbon!

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