New Stampin Up Ink Pads

With our newest Stampin Up catalog release are new Stampin Up ink pads.  I have been asked by many hesitant customers what I think of them – and what make them different.

I thought it was best to show you rather than just tell ya!

Here is a quick video showing you some tips and features that go along with the new Stampin Up ink pads:



So quick recap:

  1. You open like a makeup compact.  No more pushing first, just lift.  Be sure to “click” it all the way when you close them.
  2. You can stack them up 🙂
  3. The surface area is just slightly smaller.  It hasn't made a difference for me at all.
  4. You can still label the ends, and use the extra labels for the inside of your stamp pad, as well as other accessories you use with inks.
  5. You can still squeeze your case to get ink into your lid for watercoloring.  Just flip your pad upside down then squeeze to get better results.

All of the ink pads in the new catalog are now in this style, even colors we had before.

They are still my favorite ink pads on the market.  They are still the same firm foam pad, which means for your bold image stamps, you will get great coverage without seeing any of the lines that the woven tops that many companies still use.

It is still a hybrid type of ink.  So still a fast drying ink, but not as fast as it used to be.  This is awesome because then you can heat emboss if you want without having to have several ink types (like our old craft ink pads) yet the ink still dries in a pretty fast amount of time.

So all the features we love are still there.

My local stamp club members got to play with them this past weekend, and they loved how easy they are to open compared to the previous model of ink pads.

Like my tip videos?  Don't miss this one here!

Have questions about the new Stampin Up Ink Pads?  Simply leave me a comment below so I can get it answered for you!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for a stunning project idea!  See you then 🙂

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