Stampin Blends Storage

Want an easy idea for Stampin Blends storage?

What Didn't Work For Me, Yet I Tried 🙂

  1. Went to a craft store and looked at all different containers and storage options.  Spent $25 on a system, got it home and it was HUGE!  Stamping space is such valuable real estate, I didn't want to lose space to storage!  Storage should clear up space right?
  2. Bought mason jars.  Why?  I love them.  Even the wide mouth ones didn't hold that many – needed a lot of jars – ugh.. didn't work.
  3. Bought a silverware organizer to put in my drawer, they were really too shallow to hold many… and then my freaky self kicked in, I could. not. handle. having some markers facing one direction and some facing the other.  (Please tell me I am not the only one!)

The struggle is real, and the solution is SO simple!

What Worked in Under 5 Minutes

Start with a Paper Pumpkin box.  (and honestly, sometimes it is just the box and stamp set that I like to get – it is still a great deal even if you don't love the kits!)

Open up your box, all the flaps until it is flat:


stampin blends storage | open box


Then re-assemble it with the brown side facing out:


stampin blends storage | inside out box


Cut your patterned paper, you need just a little bit more than 1/2 of a sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper:


stampin blends storage | paper dimensions


Add your markers:


stampin blends storage | finished storage solution


Stick your patterned paper onto your box:


stampin blends storage | finished outside of box


And now you have perfect Stampin Blends Storage!

Want to see some great tips on using your Stampin Blends?  Click here for videos.

This is how I store mine, it's fast, it's simple, it uses up extra patterned paper laying around – and it's just ideal for Stampin Blends storage.  Are there other ways?  Of course, but this was done and loaded with my Blends in under 5 minutes – that makes it a total win in my book!


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