Stampin Blends Are Coming Here!!!

I LOVE the look of blending colors for my card making. I like shading, I personally love my Copic markers, but…

I honestly don’t have time for my Copic. I have more than I should and they have sat in a box unloved for years. Many are probably not even good any more.

Why haven’t I used them?

It’s not because I don’t know how. I am Intermediate Copic certified – I have taken so many classes on them and not to brag on myself, but I really am good with them.

But I am busy. Are you?

I don’t have hours to devote to coloring one flower. I never did have time, but I invested the money in them thinking that maybe, just maybe, one day I just might. That was three years ago.

Those were my birthday present, Christmas present and Anniversary present all rolled into one gift. (I got my Intermediate certification on my anniversary – I am not kidding about this folks!)

That is how badly I want to be able to blend my markers – I sacrificed my anniversary to learn this art.

Do you hear my pain with this?

But back to reality, I simply don’t have the time to sit around and color all. day. long.

Who is with me?

Copic are fun, really fun… but also really complicated and they are expensive. And you can have 14 shades of green and not have enough to color one leaf! If you are familiar with Copic then you KNOW I am not exaggerating.

So lots of colors also means lots of $ and also lots of storage. I have three storage containers of those markers.

Let’s recap…

If you want to blend, don’t want to spend a lot of money, don’t want to have to buy 256 markers and don’t want to have a storage unit to hold them all (OK, THAT was exaggeration!),

then Blends certainly are the answer!

The Details:

  • There are 10 colors plus two neutrals that come in combo packs.
  • There is also an Ivory and Bronze.
  • There is a Color Lifter – don’t buy any markers if you don’t get the Lifter.

Unlike Copic, you don’t need specialty paper!  Whisper White and Thick Whisper White card stock is perfect. You will need the Memento Tuxedo Black ink pad if you don’t have one.

That’s all the special stuff you need.

And my friends, that is simple!

There is a new release Project Kit and Stamp set that you can grab, more info about those here BUT don’t leave and look at them now.

If you are ready to give them a whirl, take your creativity out for a spin, break away from just AquaPainters for blending, then here is what I recommend…

Two options.

Option 1:  3+2+1

Pick 3 Colors.
Grab 2 Neutrals.
Add 1 Lifter.


But Meg… which colors? So happy you asked…

If you like flowers with leaves and if you like Christmas, you must, must, must get the Old Olive set. Why? Because if any color is going to sell out first, my prediction is this is the one. This is the only green available.

If you like Christmas and plan to make Valentine’s – then grab you a Cherry Cobbler set. There isn’t another red option.

And then the next color would be the Pink Pirouette set. Petal Pink.  Why? It works with flowers and Valentine’s, springtime and even Christmas.  (Pink Pirouette retired, Petal Pink is it's replacement.)

So why two neutrals?

  • If you only create in brown tones, then only get the Crumb Cake set.
  • If you only create in black tones, then only get the Smoky Slate set.

If you create in both, then it’s kinda like tripling your investment and getting nine colors instead of 3. (Here is a page of videos – watch the Blending with Neutrals video.)

And then your lifter – again, just know that if you aren’t going to get your Lifter, don’t get any Blends at all.  (See why here.)


If you are still struggling with choosing colors, you aren’t sure if you are making the right color choice…

  • If you think you might want to blend a collection of flowers, might want to use both bold and subtle colors…
  • If your spouse would appreciate you taking care of your own Christmas present…
  • If you are do for a treat, an awesome treat – like Girly, you have earned this…


Option 2:  Get them all

Here is a list of all the Stampin Blends available.

These are the just released colors:

These are the previously released colors:

Don't forget your essential tools:



And yes – your friends that you make cards for… the special ones that appreciate what you make for them – yep, they will notice 🙂

Go from simply using markers to Suddenly Wow in minutes!

Are you as excited as I am now for November 1st?  It was just another Wednesday until it was announced that Stampin Blends are coming!

P.S. Not convinced and wanna buy my Copics off of me, please reach out!

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