Do you own a Stamp A Ma Jig? What even IS a Stamp A Ma Jig?
The Stamp A Ma Jig one of the very first stamp positioning tools and even though it seems like there's a new version of this kind of thing popping up everywhere, it remains of the of the best and easiest to use tools out there – once you get the hang of it.
When I saw the “Ho Ho Ho” stamp from Labels to Love, I pictured it as part of a background. Thanks to the Stamp A Ma Jig, I was able to execute my vision pretty easily. Take a look:
Create a cute background with one stamp and your Stamp A Ma Jig
Now would you ever guess that those “Ho Ho Ho”s were one stamp of the three words stacked on top of one another? And can you imagine trying to line these up?  Hot mess, right? When you use the Stamp A Ma Jig, it's actually easy, believe it or not.
Now, I have a video that is one of over several hundred on Stamping Family that walks you through how to use the Stamp A Ma Jig so if you are a member, pop on over and check it out. If you aren't – well, gee – the only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU so get on over there and sign up!
In a nutshell, when you use the Stamp A Ma Jig, you line up the clear plastic imaging sheet in the “L” of the positioner. You stamp onto the clear sheet with the stamp completely tight in the corner of that “L”.  You then place that imaging sheet onto your card stock or paper where you want to stamp, get it all lined up exactly as you want it, and place the positioner against the imaging sheet, and like woth the stamp getting that corner lined right up in the “L”. Remove the imaging sheet and restamp, right up tight again in the “L” and your new image will be exactly where the one on the imaging sheet was. Now this may sound confusing but get out your Stamp A Ma Jig and follow these directions and you will see. It's like magic!
I own several other stamp positioners and while they all have their role, I honestly reach for my Stamp A Ma Jig way, WAY more frequently than all the others combined. It's that precise.
A Stamp A Ma Jig makes this easy!
You can see how stamping this little stack of words over and over created what looks like a strip of printed paper! And it was SO EASY!
Check out what you can do with one stamp and a Stamp A Ma Jig

Then for the label, I stamped in in Old Olive ink and then again in Real Red. I cut out the strip that says Christmas, turned one end into a banner shape and lay it over the Old Olive making a cute little white-on-white element.  You could also do this with markers by coloring right on the stamp, “huffing” on it like you are polishing your glasses and stamping. A quick squeeze of one of my all-time favorite punches, the Everyday Label punch, and boom – it's done!


Use your Stamp A Ma Jig to create backgrounds on your cards


And you know me, gotta have some glorious ribbon!  Thank heavens for the 10 Second Bow Maker because that teeny ribbon is a challenge for me to get tied up all pretty without it!

Here are the other things you will want to have to make this stinkin' cute card:



Use your Stamp A Ma Jig to make a cute background

If you own a Stamp A Ma Jig, pull it out and try this easy technique. If you don't own one, add it to your next order and try it out – I PROMISE you that you will get the hang of it and use it over and over. And when you DO start using your Stamp A Ma Jig as much as I do, you will start to see other stamps you can use in new ways, extending the value of your stash – you're welcome!


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