Learn about how to get the coming Spooky Paper Pumpkin and my thoughts on Paper Pumpkin in general.

I get asked a lot about my thoughts on Paper Pumpkin and with the new Spooky Paper Pumpkin getting ready to ship I thought I would sit down with my fresh, hot, cup of my favorite Caramel Brulee coffee and spill the beans (do you like that coffee reference?)

What is Paper Pumpkin?

It's a paper crafting kit that includes a stamp set plus everything you need to make a nice stack of projects.  You can buy one kit, buy a limited length pre-paid subscription, or have an ongoing subscription.   Each kit is meant to be a surprise, so you don't know what you are getting until your payment/shipment have already taken place.  It averages $23/month – price varies on single box purchase vs subscription.  And after the kit releases, you can't buy it any other way.  You already have to be subscribed in some way to get that box, or you miss out.  If you are an active subscriber, more than just purchasing one kit, you can purchase refill kits at around $11 that include everything except for the stamp set and ink so you can keep creating.  You have to subscribed by the 10th of each month to get the kit for that month.

Another great option is to skip a month.  Let's say you know the Halloween kit is coming up, and that's not your thing – you can log into your account and skip the September month.  For most holidays, the kit is sent a month prior to the holiday itself.  You just have to log into your account and skip that upcoming month by the 10th.

That's really the nuts and bolts of it and how it works.

My Opinion on Paper Pumpkin

As with everything, somethings are good and some aren't the best.  There are kits I love and kits I don't love one bit.  It's a gamble.

I have been a subscriber 3 different times.  In the beginning I did the every month subscription.  The kits were so-so.  After about 8 months, I stopped.  Reflecting back now, they were less than so-so.  I honestly thought this product line would get cancelled.  So many of my subscribers also cancelled, feeling the same way that I did.

They made some improvements to it, so after a year of not getting the boxes, I signed up again.  They were better for sure.  But the boxes kept piling up – they weren't being used.  I gave them out to my crafty friends as gifts as a while – seriously, there was a stack of them just sitting there.  I would open them when they came, and then stack them up for a rainy day.

After about a year, I thought they were stale – and some were just weird.  Seriously, just weird!  So I stopped it again.

Well, I am so happy to say that Paper Pumpkin has come a LONG way since then.  The kits are way more impressive than even a year ago.  I keep forgetting to sign back up for them, I remember on the 11th – and then it's too late to get the kit for that month – so I wait to order, and then remember again on the next 11th.

The holiday ones are my favorites!  I do like the Halloween thru Christmas the best!  So today I FINALLY remembered and ordered a 6 month prepaid subscription to it AND redeemed my code immediately.

I think that 6 months is a good amount of time to see how much I use this next round of kits.  Do I open and stack them?  Do I make the kit?  Do I use the stamp set outside the kit?

The way I see it, a stamp set for $20.42 (that's the average for the 6 mo pre-paid subscription) is a good deal – and then the kit is a bonus!  Sometimes I deconstruct the kit and use pieces for all different projects and sometimes I use them as is.  And some of the components that I just don't like go in the trash – and that's okay too.  It's still a great price point.

So if you like holiday crafting, and if you like Halloween, you have until Sept 10th to get signed up to get the Spooky Paper Pumpkin kit. And I will tell you that the past Halloween themed kits have been awesome! Last year it was the most adorable little 3D pre-cut pumpkins that you could assemble, add silly little faces, adorable wrapped wire stems and cute little greetings in which you could put a tiny treat. The people I handed them out to went NUTS over them. I expect this year's kit will be ever bit as fun to make and to share.

Ongoing subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, if you get the first kit and don't like it, you can cancel immediately.  The cost is $23.50/month.  You can sign up for that here to do the ongoing subscription with me.

Below are the pre-paid options.  You purchase it through the links below, make sure it has my name at the top and you can use the host code below to earn free tutorials from me as well.  The best value is the 12 month pre-paid option.  Choose the one that is right for you!  As soon as you order, you will receive an email on how to redeem your code.  MAKE SURE YOU DO THAT BY THE 10th!!!  Think of the 10th as the coach turning back into a pumpkin – ha!  another funny reference – wow, two in one blog post!  Everything must be done by the 10th!

Paper Pumpkin Subscription Options

Click here to place your order with me, use the host code below, and receive a free gift from me. 

Current Host Code: MPJA4UDW

For orders over $150 placed through my store, don't use the hostess code, you will still get your free gift from me.





An image of the coming Spooky Paper Pumpkin kit that you have to order by the 10th to get in on the fun!


Sign up for any option with me this month, and receive a free gift from me!  Why?  Because I love you!

This is going to be such a fun, crafty fall with or without the new Spooky Paper Pumpking and I can't wait to spend it with you!!  XOXO, Meg

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