Very Special Paper Pumpkin

Sounds like an ABC After School Special – “Today on a Very Special Paper Pumpkin….”. But this one IS special because it was designed by Stampin' Up!'s very own CEO Sara Douglas which means it will certainly be one of a kind!  AND every April Paper Pumpkin contains a free gift which is still a secret – I can't wait to see what it is!

People ask me offline all the time if I am a subscriber and the answer is YES!

Then they also ask me do I love every kit and the answer is NOPE 🙂

So why stay with it?  Here is the reason in four letters:  FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

The kits are $20 a month – and that includes shipping.  That's it – only 20 bucks.

So I subscribe and know that I will have it – and not miss out.  Because you can't always get it after the fact, and then if you do you have to shelf it for months since they are usually seasonal type kits.

How do you tend to sway?  Are you like me and don't wanna miss out?  If you are, here is why you should sign up this second:

The super awesome thing about signing up for Paper Pumpkin during Sale-A-Bration is that when you purchase either a 3 or 12 month prepaid subscription, you get FREE goodies through Sale-A-Bration! A 3 month prepaid subscription saves you a little $ BUT you get a FREE Sale-A-Bration item. Decide you want to go for the whole enchilada, purchase a 12 month prepaid subscription at $215 – so it's like getting a free month AND you take FOUR FREE ITEMS!  (Remember what I always say… free stamps stamp better 🙂

I talked about Paper Pumpkin in this post here.  And I did a Paper Pumpkin unboxing video here. And in the past few months I have been sort of blown away by how cute and fun these kits have been. For instance, February's kit contained the CUTEST slider birthday cards that were a snap to make!

But, I really didn't love it.  I really liked the stamps – but not the patterned paper.  Well, get this… I can use the kit as a template and then use patterned paper I really like and get the same look.

THAT is a major win in my book.

Keep this in mind too, if you are a current Paper Pumpkin subscriber you can order past kits and refills while supplies – another win!

February 2017 Paper Pumpkin

If you are the type who is good with missing out, then I don't get you!  Kidding – I kinda get you.  And if you only buy crafting supplies that are a sure win, I would encourage you to pass on it.

How do you like that sales pitch?  Hahahaha!!!!

Here is the bottom line…

I only want you to buy what you want and what you will use.  Seriously.

Why?  Because I love my blog readers.  I love your comments, I love inspiring you to create, and I don't ever want you to leave because you feel like you HAVE to purchase something.  I want you to be able to trust what I say about products and subscriptions.

So there we have it!  If you LOVE crafting, you love surprises, (even when it is the ugly sweater that arrives from your Aunt Fay instead of the super duper awesome veggie spiralizer you were hoping for) then give it a whirl  If you don't like it, remember, you can always break up with the pumpkin 🙂 Just don't wait to decide, if you want it, I want you to get in on this very special Paper Pumpkin kit – sign up here!






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