Sketch Inspiration Ideas GALORE!

If you are someone who LOVES sketch inspiration ideas, then I have something for you!  I recently launched Definitely Sketches 2.0 and I was stunned – thrilled, of course! – but truly stunned by the comments and emails I received from subscribers talking about how much they absolutely love this new program.  It has always been my goal to TEACH you how to use all those awesome stamps, papers, toys and tools you acquire for your paper crafting and Definitely Sketches 2.0 was a natural continuation of my mission.  Here's what people have had to say in just the past week about Definitely Sketches 2.0:

“I made four different cards from the first sketch alone.  These sketches are fantastic!  You can tell an artist did them and that they weren't thrown together.  They are practical and make sense as they are, but there is still plenty of artistic freedom with them.”  Linda C., Texas

“I never though of myself as an artist until I started making projects using the sketches in Definitely Sketches 2.0.  I did the first Definitely Sketches and while those were great inspirations, the sketches in this version are just that much more inspirational for me.  And the samples are GORGEOUS!  They make me want to play even more!” Anne H., Rhode Island

“Wow, Meg!  You've taken this sketch thing to a new level entirely!  This is the one email I can't WAIT to open and I am making such better use of my stash!  Thank you thank you THANK YOU!” Fiona L., Massachusetts

“I liked the first version, but I LOVE 2.0!  The styles of the artists are so unique, I love who she picked for the Design Team!”  Sheri L., Utah

Thanks, guys!  I am just so happy that everyone is loving this program!  Something you all should know is that I put out a call for Design Team members and had almost 500 responses and out of all of those people chose just FIVE people to create the artwork that you will see.  I wanted to find people who could create unique, beautiful, creative samples that would be not just eye candy ('cause we all love that, right?) but also inspirational and CASEable for subscribers.  These artist hit it out of the park every. single. time.  I feel blessed to have them as part of my team!

And because I so believe that Definitely Sketches 2.0 is such an outstanding program, I even offer you a full sample of the first sketch on this page where you can learn more. And to show you how easy it is to use these sketches to create fast and fabulous projects, I did a direct CASE (Copy And Share Everything) of the sketch, simplified for illustration, right here.  Check it out:

Trick or Treat from Definitely Sketches 2.0

Seriously cute, right?  Well wait til you see the OTHER sample!  Head on over here and scroll down to “Want to see a sample?” and check out the beautiful version in the free download.  Every issue has one sketch and three full color sample images WITH instructions from the artists in case you want to CASE.

So if you are looking for sketch inspirations GALORE you need Definitely Sketches 2.0!

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