{VIDEO} Simple Handmade Card

Who is ready for another video on making a simple handmade card?  I hope you are!

I have said over and over how much I LOVE the Gingham Gala patterned paper, and that love is not fading one bit.  This is a card that you can make in minutes using just a few supplies.


The Project

Here is what we will be making.


{VIDEO} Simple Handmade Card


At the time that I made the video, the ribbon was about to come back out, since then, it came out for about 1 day and is now completely sold out and won't be available again.

In the supplies below, I list an alternate ribbon that will look just as stunning.


The Supplies

Just so that you know ahead of time, here are the supplies you will want to make this card.  To order any of them, simply click on an image below – and know that I love you for doing that!


The only supply not listed is the 10 Second Bow Maker.  If you struggle at all with tying bows, be sure to grab one of these handy things!


{VIDEO} Simple Handmade Card

Here is the video tutorial:




Your Turn

See how easy that card is to make?  Simple, doesn't require a lot of supplies, just simple and fun.  Think of how many of these cards you can make and send, or package them up and give them as gifts.

Looking for a box to store them in or a gift box to hold them?  Be sure to check out the latest issue of Papercrafting Triple Play here.


Pin It

The best way to keep up with this project so you can come back to it whenever you want is to pin it to your I Teach Stamping with Meg board on Pinterest, and here is an image perfectly sized for you to pin.


{VIDEO} Simple Handmade Card


Check Back Soon

Thanks for being here today and for watching the Simple Handmade Card video.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, please leave me a comment so I know.  If you didn't, tell me that too – please share what you wish the video had shared or been about.  See you in the next project!  Hugs, Meg

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