Second Generation Stamping Technique

Recently I have shared several posts about Two Step Stamping, closely related is the Second Generation Stamping Technique.

To help show the difference, I am sticking with the same stamp set and mainly the same colors so that you can see the difference more easily.


What is Second Generation Stamping?

It's where you use different shades of the same color to get your different color variations.  In the past this was also called Stamping Off.  It's the same thing.


What Tools Do You Need?

Scratch paper, a stamp and an ink pad.  That's it!


What makes it different than Two Step Stamping?

Nothing actually, it's just a way to get more use out of ink pads you might already have without needing to buy more.  It also keeps the color more true to one color, just different shades, rather than adding in two different colors.  But we will still use two different stamps to achieve our same goal of one finished image with texture and depth.


Let's Do This!

Enough talk, let's get to the pictures!


Step 1:  Stamping Off

We want to start by inking up our stamp the same way we do all the time.  Get great coverage of ink on your stamp, just right before you stamp, stamp on your scratch paper first, then onto your card stock.  Some also call this “stamping off”.  You are stamping off your card stock first, then onto your card stock.

For this project, I am using two different stamps to create one image, so we will do our stamping off with our background image for our sunflower.   I am using Daffodil Delight ink.


Second Generation Stamping Technique | Step 1


Then repeat.  What I personally like to do is do all of this step now.  It keeps me in a rhythm where I say, “stamp off, stamp on”  I feel like Mr. Miyagi, from The Karate Kid – “Wax on, wax off.”

The other way I entertain myself while doing this is to say, “Stamp Off, Stamp On” to the tune of The Clapper commercials 🙂


Step 2: Full Strength Stamping

Now we are going to use our detailed stamp, our top layer stamp of our sunflower.  We are staying with the same ink pad, Daffodil Delight.

All you need to do is ink it up, DON'T stamp off, and stamp on top of your background image.


Second Generation Stamping Technique | Background all over


That's It!


Second Generation Stamping Technique | foreground image



Repeat Step 1 for your leaves.


Second Generation Stamping Technique | Leaves step one all over


Then step 2 for your leaves.


Second Generation Stamping Technique | Leaves foreground images



For this particular stamp set, the middle of the flower already has the gradient look to it, so I don't need to stamp off and stamp on, it's a one and done image 🙂

So we created our entire floral background using only three colors of ink.  BUT it doesn't look like it at all.


Second Generation Stamping Technique | the center of the flower


And that's what the Second Generation Stamping Technique is – that's it!  EZPZ!

Let's go ahead and finish the card…

Since we have all this fabulous stamping, I didn't want to take away from our flowers by adding a lot of layers or embellishments.  Just a sentiment and some ribbon.

I started first by stamping my sentiment.


Bow Woes

I used to really not like working with double sided ribbon for tying bows.  You would get this below.  See how your knot and your one tail have a different pattern than the rest of your bow?


10 second bow maker


Luckily that is an easy fix with the 10 Second Bow Maker.  That is probably the second most popular reason people buy a 10 Second Bow Maker from us.  1st is to tie uniform, perfect bows in seconds.  2nd is for creative hacks like working with double sided ribbon and things like double loop bows.

When you order the 10 Second Bow Maker you have instant access to different training videos that go much slower and walk you through all the fun things you can do with it, like double sided ribbon.

See how perfect it turns out?


How to tie a bow with double sided ribbon


All that's left is adding a strip of the same ribbon, adding a sentiment and your card base.


Second Generation Stamping Technique



The Supplies

To order any of the supplies used to create this card, simply click on a picture below.  To order the 10 Second Bow Maker, click here.


Pin It For Later

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Second Generation Stamping Technique


Thank you so much for joining me today for this Second Generation Stamping Technique.  If you missed the Two Step Stamping Tutorials, you can find them here and here.


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