Recently I shared some ideas with you using a favorite product of mine called Enjoy the Adventure card packs.

I had used one of the sentiments in Sketch 3 of Card Sketch of the Month.

So I had the left over card with a circle cut out of it. And over the weekend, I needed a quick card.

You see, I had a friend coming into town, it was last minute. But I had just made plans to meet with my brother. I haven't seen my brother in years, I think maybe 5 years. And he's getting married in March. We not only got to see my brother and my awesome nephew, but we also got to meet his fiance.

So while I couldn't see my friend, I needed to make her a quick card to send with my neighbor when they went to meet up.

Picture this, as this is how it went down on Saturday.

I had a massive desire to hit Hobby Lobby when they opened to pick up a mini rolling pin so I could work with it on Saturday night. Emily wanted to go with me. I share with her that they open at 9, so she needed to be up. She woke up at 8:50 and asked for a few minutes and I said yes.

40 minutes later, I am frustrated, thinking okay, I need to go, get back, get ready and leave.

She walks out of the bathroom with her hair curled, a cute shirt on, jewelry, mascara – she is ready for the day. I am in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, hat, and I'm sure part of my eye makeup from the night before was still under my eyes!

Off we go to Hobby Lobby – in and out in 5 minutes, which I believe is a record.

Get home, I am taking off my shoes as I walk in the house to begin the mad flurry of getting ready to see my brother. And I get a text that my friend will be in town and wants to meet.

I run into my craft room to see what supplies are laying around. Then I go into the bathroom and wash my face. Run back into my craft room, and look at the other cards in the Enjoy the Adventures card pack. Back to the bathroom and put on makeup.

While holding my mouth wide open as I put on mascara, we all do that, right? It hits me that I could use a notecard instead of a regular card base.

Run back to the craft room, yep – those are the PERFECT size.

Back in the bathroom to curl my hair and thinking of a sentiment. Then I remember the sticker sheets in the card pack.

Back to the craft room to look at those. Find the perfect one.

Back to the bathroom to get dressed. 6 shirts later, I decide on one. Grab my shoes and put them by the door.

Back into the craft room to make the card. I dig around in my back of black scraps and find the perfect size scrap and die cut with a border die. One cut gave me both edges.

Assembled, tied a bow, and DONE!

Wrote my message on the inside.

And then you know what happened next, right? Walked out the door with my family, hit the road, excited to meet my soon to be sister-in-law, hug my brother and nephew – shoes are still at the door.

No one ever says life as a crafter will be smooth and seamless, but it is what it is.

The Project

I personally LOVE how this card turned out. It was quick, cute, and no one would know except that I posted it on a public blog how this card came to be.

Here it is, and the supplies are listed below.

You wouldn't ever guess how this card came together, would you? To me, that's why I love card making. It's a “small canvas” where you can use little bits rather than these massive projects that can take all day!

My friend that received the card was so excited to get it. She loves getting cards from me and was so touched that I made her something even though I couldn't see her.

That's what we card makers get to do. We get to spread joy through our creativity. It's way more than a card, it's a work of love!

The Supplies

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So Did I Like Her?

Yes, I REALLY like my brother's fiance! While it was a short visit, less than 2 hours, she is easy to be around, no awkward silences, she wasn't “trying to hard”, I feel like she was just being her. My brother adores her and my nephew is excited. When she went to the bathroom, I asked my nephew to spill the tea, and he was so sweet the way he said how much he really likes her.

And we did go back to get my shoes, lol!

Thanks for checking out today's project and the story behind it. I don't do that often, but if you like reading the back stories, let me know with a comment below! See you in the next project! XOXO, Meg

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