Here's our second video where we are doing more coloring, but in a different way. In this post here, we went from our lightest shades of colors to our darkest.

Today we are doing exactly opposite of that.

We are using the same stamp set and markers, just in a different way.

With OLO Markers, you can do so many different things, all kinds of coloring techniques. And I think what I love the most is the free flow of ink. It's a steady stream of ink in a way that's different from other alcohol markers.

For this video, we are using just a few supplies, as all we are doing is coloring.

If you are interested in purchasing OLO Markers, I ask that you use link and add “meg” in the checkout box. It greatly helps me strengthen my relationship with them 🙂

Here's the promised coloring video…


Part 2: Let’s color again – a different way. Still using @OLO™ marker with the @Sizzix stamps with @Catherine Pooler Designs. Stay tuned because part 3 of this will be some stenciling! #alcoholmarkers #easycoloring #markers #colorblending #cardmaking #diyproject #crafts #diyprojects #art #happymail #craftingtutorials #craftingtiktok #easycraft #olomarkers #olomarker #cardmakingideas

♬ Pop beat BGM / long version(1283324) – nightbird_bgm

Whatcha think? Can you see yourself trying this style of color blending? Let me know what you think. In the next post, I will share a cool stencil video. See you soon! XOXO, Meg

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