Organizing Your Craft / Stamp Space

Recently on my iTeach Stamping Facebook Group, I started a discussion asking if anyone wanted ideas on organizing their craft / stamp space.  And the response was overwhelming!  So much that I will be sharing storage ideas over probably the next week with all different storage ideas.

I do hear all the time that stampers and crafters are short on storage space.  Let me ask you a question.  Can you find 15 inches x 18 inches in your home?  If there answer is yes, then read on.

These pictures are not exactly what I did in my little space years ago, but it was the basic design I started with.  It is simply a cabinet – that got all decked out.  I put mine in a corner of a room.  (This was a display at a convention years ago, I couldn't find the pictures of what I created, but I could find the inspiration photos.)

Organizing Your Craft / Stamp Space

The cabinet that I purchased was 15 inches wide and super tall.  Let's talk about what is on the inside of the door.  It is a magnet board.  What I did was take the containers that our accessories come in and put magnets on the bottom.  Stuck them on the inside of my door and I was done.

Never forget about the outside of the cabinet!  A simple towel rack is used to hold punches.  A knife bar will easily hold your scissors.

Organizing Your Craft / Stamp Space


And then at the bottom is a fold out desk.  I did add that to mine, it was beyond amazing to have this dedicated little space.  Then when you need the extra space, drop it down!

Then, do you see the holes with ribbon?  Let me show you another picture:

Organizing Your Craft / Stamp Space

On the shelf where the ink pad caddy sits is also the old retired ribbon storage bins from Stampin' Up!  But you can do this with any box (an instant oatmeal box comes to mind).

If you are short on space, do you find these ideas to be helpful?  Stay tuned for more info over the next few days for more Organizing Your Craft / Stamp Space ideas.

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