Oreo Truffles with a Twist


Have you ever had Oreo truffles? If you have then you know that they taste NOTHING like Oreos and are delicious and delightful and decadent. And RIDICULOUSLY easy to make!  If you haven't had them oh MAN are you in for a treat, or, like, a LOT of treats.

The basic recipe is so easy it's crazy. You take about 40 Oreos and buzz them in a food processor; measure out 3 cups and save the rest for garnish. Now process the 3 cups of Oreo crumbs with 8 oz. of softened cream cheese until well blended. You will end up with a nice doughy mixture which you will shape into balls about the size of a walnut. Chill them and then dip into melted chocolate or even melted white chocolate and sprinkle with the remaining crumbs.


go to your local Trader Joe's and get yourself some Peppermint JoJos (or here at Amazon for a lot more – ouch) and make the recipe as above. Melt some white chocolate and using your hands, coat the little balls of heaven. Instead of sprinkling with the leftover crumbs, crush a couple of candy canes and use those instead. The intense but not overpowering of these delicious minty chocolatey Oreo stand ins makes these truffles sweet but refreshing and the crushed candy canes are totally festive.

Every time I make these people go crazy for them and, sort of like the pic above, I like to make them a little rough looking so they remind people of snowballs. Hey, I am from Texas – we gotta get it where we can.

You can make a batch of these in no time AND it's OK to let the kids snatch little pieces of the “dough” because it's raw egg free. They can even help!  Chill until you serve and be sure to check out my macdaddy gift packaging post here for idea on how you can give these out as hostess gifts or holiday thank yous.

Oreo truffles with a twist – easy, fast and you will look like Willy Wonka's best assistant!

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