Need a Quick Thank You Card Idea for Your DIY Card Making?

I'm willing to bet that after the holidays you have a Thank You card or two to send out.  This card is crazy simple to make and I am happy to not only share the idea with you today but also share a video with you walking you through how to create it.

One of my favorite things in Stamping Family is the Step It Up section of the site.  It starts with a simple card idea, like the one I am sharing here today and then I teach different ways to Step It Up with either more layers, more embellishments, etc.  So the same card will work with either CAS (Clean and Simple) cards or for advanced cards, for someone who is a new stamper and doesn't have a lot of supplies to a more experienced stamper (There was no way I was going to call us “old” stampers!) with enough craft supplies to rival that of a store.

It started as a fluke, I just posted a simple card in Stamping Family one day and then throughout the day, I kept looking at it and wanted to take that same card further and further, so I did and shared it in there and they all loved the concept.  So it has become a regular thing on Stamping Family.  I have posted both versions below for you to see.

This card started out with the word “fresh” in mind.  It's a new year, a fresh start, and for some reason, birds came to mind.  And I messed around with the Bird punch and with bird stamps and none of them were really ringing my bell.  So I got a Dr. Pepper (which is always good when needing inspiration!), and just thought about it, and “bird house” popped into my head.  And then I remembered Emily's Christmas present from her aunt and uncle.  It was a bird house making kit.

After securing the kit from the 7-1/2 year old (the 1/2 is now VERY important as she hit that this week) and promising her that I would not use her kit, make up her kit, open her kit, or do anything to it at all, the picture on the front spurred me into action.

One shape looked a lot like a hexagon, and that is where the magic started.

Now, you don't have to have the Hexagon punch, you can probably swing it with a pair of scissors.  The heart part, you will want the Heart punch!

I added the texture on the Whisper White card stock, but you don't have to.  To me it looked a little “flat” without it.  But years ago, before I had a Big Shot and embossing folders, it would have just been flat and been just fine.

For the roof of the bird house, I used two square punches, the 1″ x and the 1-1/4″, of course, you can do this with scissors too if you need to.

Let me share the Quick DIY Thank You Card Idea:

Need to Send a Thank You Card?  CAS Thank You Card Idea

Here are the supplies that I used to create it, they all have links if you find that you need some of the supplies:

Here is the video tutorial:

Want to see the stepped up version of the card that is in Stamping Family?  Family members can click here for the printable of the supplies and dimensions as well as see the video with all the shortcuts!
Need to Send a Thank You Card?  CAS Thank You Card Idea

I learned this past week that many of you are wanting to make more cards this year and to learn more about card making and paper crafting.  If you like the idea of starting with CAS (Clean and Simple) and Stepping It Up – you will want to become a member of Stamping Family!  We have lots of things in store for 2014 and we can't wait to have you join us!

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Like the cards?  Leave me a comment below.  I hope that 2014 is being awesome to you and I hope that you have enjoyed this DIY Card Idea on How to Make and Easy Thank You Card! 

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