We are exhausted!  We are making a ton of memories while standing in line to see princesses.  With Emily being 5, it is all princess-all the time.  We arrived in Magic Kingdom at "oh my gosh" early this morning to see the Laugh Factory private showing just for Stampin' Up!  That meant out of bed at 5:15, but it was all made worth it to have the park to ourselves for an hour after the show ended and before the park opened.  So what did we do for an hour?  We got the Princess scoop, where to go, what order to do it in, and more.

Stampin' Up! gave Emily an awesome swatch book turned autograph book using the MDS Swatchbook template.  I had not used this before and had not even seen a finished book, I am now anxious to make these, they are a perfect size, I will show pictures as soon as I can pry it out of my sleeping daughter's hand.  (so not tonight)

Let's do the roll call for autographs that Emily got today:  Mary Poppins, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Ariel (the walking Ariel as Emily calls her) with her Prince Eric, and Rapunzel.  For every autograph she recieved, Stampin' Up! awarded her with a pin.

Matt was rewarded with an awesome shirt and hat, I got a four pack of beautiful cups and new fabric!!!  It is a box with a lot of colors.  I cannot share that pic yet, sorry!

So what does Disney look like when you are the only one there at Magic Kingdom?  I wish I could show you, but Disney internet is so slow that pictures will not upload, I will try again in the morning.  But I am one tired princessed out momma right now.  More soon!



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