Today I am excited to show you another Basics Video from Stamping Family where I show you how to make a perfect ribbon knot, every time, and with a lot less waste of your precious ribbon.

You all know – because I've only said it, like, six thousand times – how much I love ribbon!  I love silky ribbon. I love woven ribbon. I love striped ribbon. I love ribbon with cute little stitching on it. I love ribbon swags. I love bows. (I love using ribbon so much I invented and sell the 10 Second Bow Maker so I can have perfect BOWS every time!)

And, fortunately for ME, Stampin' Up! sells all those glorious kinds of ribbon plus many more. One of the most awesome things about Stampin' Up! ribbon is that even though the price seems to be more than the ribbon in the craft stores, be sure to check out the length you get. So far, without fail, I have never found a ribbon in the stores that is the same price for comparable quality.

So today's video is part three of a four part series for a feature I call Deconstructed – don't worry – you WILL get to see the final project in a post soon! Check it out!

Did you like it? Yes it's short and sweet – most of the Basics videos are. They are just there to serve as reminder of things we used to know how to do and might have forgotten about, new tricks and tips, money and time saving ideas and just generally, well, basic stuff.

Like making a perfect ribbon knot. I mean, who wants to put all this effort into a gorgeous card and have a wonky, lopsided knot?  I know, right? (Laugh along with me.)

If you liked this video and this series so far, come on over and join us!  We are fun, we are friendly, we love to stamp and we will never try to sell you anything – just come and STAMP! And learn things. Like which of our members turns into a yeti without her coffee, the easiest way to get glue boogies off your scissors, how to make a shaker card and, yes, how to make a perfect ribbon knot every time!

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