See why right now is a FANTASTIC time to join Stampin' Up!

I don't often post about all the great aspects of what happens when you join Stampin' Up!. I feel like it is a really personal decision and if someone does want to join Stampin' Up! they will reach out to me. And I am not one of those people who pushes Stampin' Up! on everyone I meet. If you are going to run away from me in public, it's going to be for some other reason. Like, I have bed head and forgot to change out of my PJ bottoms and we are at the supermarket….

That said, every once in a while Stampin' Up! offers a great extra bonus to new signer-uppers and October 4th-31st it's 🔥🔥🔥!

So, what if I told you that you could get $155 worth of your choice of goodies from either the Annual Catalog or the Seasonal Catalog for just $99? That's around a forty percent discount on top quality, exclusive Stampin' Up! products YOU get to choose. Um – do we know anyone else other than that rare single coupon you can use on about five things in the store who offers 40% off?

And not only are you getting a smoking hot deal on brand new, your pick products, there are lots of other awesome benefits that come with being on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator list. Every demo appreciates things differently and I am a little different in that I am in this business because I LOVE it, not because I am trying to ascend through all the ranks to achieve world domination. Don't get me wrong – those benefits and advancements and other things are lovely and I am always thrilled when I hit a new level. But that's not my primary motivation – those things are the icing on the most delicious cake.

So what do I personally think are the best things that you get when you join Stampin' Up!? I am going to share some of them throughout the month – I don't want to overwhelm anyone. Here are three that are at the top of my mind.

These are in addition to you getting access to me and my help to get you started! I prefer one-on-one, I find it so much better than doing group zooms to get you started. MUCH more personal!

1 – Preview and Early Access to Stampin' Up! Specials.

Look, I am just like the next avid paper crafter – I LOVE new stuff and Iove seeing it right away so I can start thinking about how I can use it. When you join Stampin' Up! you are automatically sent updates and those include all the specials, new products, exciting announcements and often the ability to get your hungry little inky fingers on the new stuff before anyone else. This is one of those benefits that doesn't really mean a lot but if you are a devoted crafter, you know how fun it is to have that VIP feeling!

2 – A Decent Discount on Every Purchase

You also all know that I am not a spendthrift. I love saving money and sharing ideas with you all on how you can make your crafting supplies and budget stretch to get every cent you've invested in your stash out of it in a useful way. When you join Stampin' Up! you automatically and immediately – with your very first Demonstrator order – get a full 20% discount on all products. Even things on sale and in clearance. Everything – papers, stamps, dies, inks, embellishments, adhesive…… And as you advance through the tiers with sales and your own team of people who join Stampin' Up! your discount goes up.

3 – It's Easy To Stay A Demonstrator

This is a really important difference that Stampin' Up! makes possible over so many other companies. First, you don't have to maintain an inventory – in fact, you aren't ALLOWED to keep inventory other than adhesives. This is deliberate on Stampin' Up!'s part because they don't want people spending their hard earned money and not be able to recoup it. Compare this to other companies where they've had to make documentaries about how people have gone bankrupt because they were forced to buy tons of stuff they couldn't sell!

Also, you only have to have sales of $300 a whole quarter – not a month! – to stay on the list. This means that you can purchase for yourself, purchase for your friends, hold a traditional event where people can order through you, create a class and charge a fee…..there are tons of ways to meet this minimum and it's so much more reasonable than so many other companies.

And, if you join Stampin' Up! and aren't loving it – rare but it happens – there is no penalty! You just send an email with a Love Ya Mean It But I Am All Set message to Stampin' Up! and you are done. And we stay friends.

There's more I will share but for now, if this has piqued your interest, you can either join right now right here or reach out to me and I will fill you in on the entire scoop. I share everything from the soup to the nuts and I am NOT pushy. I promise. I absolutely detest when people do that to me and it's kept me from asking questions which I think is a shame.

TLDR; If you've ever wanted to join Stampin' Up! but wasn't sure if it was worth it, now is the perfect time to try it out. Just $99 for $155 of product, all the super fun holiday excitement from the inside and an immediate cost savings are just a few clicks away!

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