How to Make a Card Using A Sketch – Take Two

On Monday I shared with you how I make a card using a sketch as inspiration.  Today I am excited to show you the second project I made using the same sketch.

Here's the sketch again:

How to make a card from a sketch

And here's the second card I made:

How to make a card using a sketch take two

So you can see that I flipped the card from vertical to horizontal but kept the same basic layout.  I liked the tag upside down again and added a cute bow made with the 10 Second Bow Maker at the bottom of the balloon string.  The balloon takes the place of the plain rectangle and I just added a little texture in the upper right hand corner to echo the circle shape of the balloon.  The punch of yellow and black with the pure white makes all the elements stand out while still coordinating perfectly.

Here are the products I used to make this card:


If you have been looking for sketches that you can use to make hand stamped greeting cards and want card sketches that were specifically designed for this, you have to check out Definitely Sketches 2.0!  I have talked about Definitely Sketches 2.0 before and people are just raving about it!  With this program, delivered right into your inbox, you get essentially the same thing you've seen this week.  You get one sketch and three gorgeous samples that can help you find your own inspiration whenever you want!

I hope this is helping you see how YOU can make a card using a sketch by just tweaking the elements and adding your own style – try it out and see what happens!


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