Card Making Video:  How to Make a Birthday Card (Friday Flip)

Welcome to today's Friday Flip – this card making video is all about How to Make a Birthday Card.

Each week, I bring you a new video I like to call the Friday Flip.  It is where we take one project idea and FLIP it into another.

Let's take a look at today's inspiration project:

Card Making Video:  How to Make a Birthday Card (Friday Flip)

This Christmas card is super easy to make, and I love the layout of it.


I need a birthday card!

Watch as I take a few supplies and turn a Christmas card idea into a Birthday card idea in this Friday Flip Card Making Video:

What do you think?  I think I like the birthday card better than I like the Christmas card now!

Card Making Video:  How to Make a Birthday Card (Friday Flip)

It doesn't take a lot of supplies to create this card.  And of course, you can use products you already have.

The only supply not listed below is the 10 Second Bow Maker.  If you want to tie perfect and/or fancy bows, be sure to check it out!

However, if you want to make it like I did, here are the links where you can order the product:

Quick Order Product List:


Thank you so much for joining me for today's Friday Flip – I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this birthday card in today's card making video!

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