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Whether you are a stamp NUT or looking to make a few extra bucks or just want to be on inside of all the fun it can be hard to know when it is the right time to join Stampin' Up!.  So here are my top ten indicators that you are READY!

1. You get absolutely giddy when you know there is a new Stampin' Up! catalog coming out.

You get your sticky notes ready, you plan some “alone time” with the new catalog and you might even buy a new notebook to make your wishlist for all the goodies you know you are just going to have to have.

2. You talk about Stampin' Up! products and projects with people who don't even stamp!

Don't be embarrassed, we've all waxed poetic about our Big Shot to the girl at the coffee counter.  You have a passion for the stuff and it shows.  If you are a die hard Stampin' Up! fanatic, trust me, you are three fifths of the way to being a demo already!

3. You want or need to make some extra money.

And unlike with other direct sales companies, you can earn money doing OTHER things than just selling the products out of the catalogs!  You can charge fees for classes, you can sell your finished projects, you can even sell your expertise to customers and other demonstrators.  The opportunities are out there and they are waiting for you!

4. You want to work with a company that has one of the best reputations in the industry, is debt free and genuinely values each and every demonstrator who chooses them.

Stampin' Up! doesn't care if you sell a million dollars or just meet your very low quarterly (NOT monthly!) minimums; they view us all as a member of their cherished group and the only differences between “hobby demos” and “business demos” is the amount of money they earn. All other benefits are accessible to all.

5. You want to work with one of the top coaches in the stamping business world.

Yup, that would be me!  I don't talk about this a lot because it sounds “braggy” but I was one of only two people to be asked to offer one on one business coaching to other stamping business owners by one of the world's preeminent experts in this niche market.  I have been a demonstrator for twelve years, a customer for almost twenty, I have the largest Facebook following of anyone in my industry, a membership site and a growing thriving fabulous business that I love with a passion.  As a result, I have knowledge and tips and ideas like my Quick Start program – three one on one calls with you to help you identify your goals and give you tools to work toward them – that can catapult you forward. 

6. You want to be part of a Real Team.

I have several dozen demonstrators in my downline and I value each and every one of them for what they do for themselves.  Yes, as your upline, I do reap some benefit from your performance.  But I recognize that you are likely joining for the same reason I joined – you want to explore what it can do for YOU.  As your upline, it is ALWAYS about you and your goals, never about mine.  I have one of the highest retention rates of downline in the company and I truly believe it's because I make this about YOU and YOUR needs, never mine.  I want you to have exactly the kind of business you want, the one that serves your wants and needs.

7. You want a self funding hobby.

I recognize that not everyone wants to build an empire (see number 6 above). I recognize that some people really love Stampin' Up! and want to be able to continually add to their collection and the best way for them to do it is to be a demo, get the discount and fund the rest through classes and events.  I welcome you!  You are just as important a Team Member to us as the person who wants to conquer the interwebs!

8. You love a deal!

As demonstrators we all start with a 20% discount on all catalog merchandise with that amount bumping all the way to 25% after achieving the first sales milestone.  Then we get Flex Points for every dollar we sell which can be used for merchandise, catalogs, toward amazing vacations and more. Plus we can use our OWN purchases toward our minimums (many direct sales companies don't allow that).  PLUS Stampin' Up! provides all the hostess goodies to your customers so you don't have to take that out of your own profits. And there's more – lots more!

9. You want to be on the inside, just for the fun of it.

Being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is about as much fun as you can have with your stamps on!  We get sneak peeks and opportunities to pre-order products not yet available to the public, we get to attend WICKED fun events put on by Stampin' Up! that give us chances to play with new stuff and learn about ways to boost our businesses, we get an every other month free magazine packed with ideas and information we can use right away, there's a demonstrator only website AND discussion forum where we talk about everything from recipes to the latest techniques, and so much more.  I can't imagine not being a demonstrator any more and apparently neither can my downline (see number 6 above).

10. You want to see where your passion can take you.

Some people sign up and take off like rockets. Others bask in their demonstratorships for a while and then slowly but surely build their businesses.  Some people join and revel in their being one of the “club” and just sell what they need to in order to reap the rewards they choose.  As I said above, whatever makes YOU happy will make me overjoyed.  But somewhere, sometimes, don't you just wonder?  Do you ever see someone – me, maybe – make a project and say “I could do that!”.  Or are you sitting on an idea that you haven't seen anyone execute and wonder what it could bring you?  We all have secret aspirations and when you have the support of Stampin' Up!, my support and the reputation of the Stampin' Up! brand behind you, the only thing between you and that idea coming true is you.

So all that said, are you feeling a little tingle between your shoulder blades at taking a chance on yourself?

Or butterflies at the idea of building your own business? Let me share with you why between now and March 31 is the VERY. BEST. TIME. this year to sign on.  Our starter kit is just $99.  I know, right?  And with it you normally get $125 of catalog product – and you get to pick what you want so it's FULLY customizable! – plus plenty of business supplies to get you started with a bang.  But during Sale-A-Bration, Stampin' Up! adds to that already fabulous deal and you get to choose $155 worth of product!!  Seriously?  Talk about a bonus!  And of course the earlier you sign, the more advantage you get to take of Sale-A-Bration because you could plan your first event before the end of the month, use Sale-A-Bration to get your new customers excited about shopping with you, put yourself in as the hostess (yes, Stampin' Up! lets you do that, too!), collect some freebies AND even MORE product in Stampin' Rewards.  (Did I mention free shipping on your starter kit?)

There's no risk to joining either.

If you decide at any time you just aren't into it, you can drop.  You get to keep all the goodies from your Starter Kit and you will always remain a stampin' friend.  So, have you decided?  If it is the right time for YOU to join Stampin' Up! just click here and get started!

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