Looking for an easy and unbratty way for how to get everything you want for Christmas without having to shop for yourself? I have the SOLUTION!

how to get everything you want for Christmas

I don't know about you but I really don't need another pair of fuzzy slippers or pajamas or a gift card to the store I don't really shop at anymore. Of course when/if I am gifted with any of those things I am totally appreciative but I don't NEED them. What I NEED is more stamping stuff!  Anyone who loves stamping as much as I do NEVER has “enough”, right? Am I speaking your language?

And I happen to know that the people who love us and want to give us gifts we will really LOVE are almost always completely clueless about what we need, what we use, how we use it, how to get it, what it's even called.

So this year I have your ultimate How To Get Everything You Want For Christmas plan!

  • Step One – Download and print your super handy Wish List form here. Fill it out with all the things you want from the Annual Catalog and Holiday Catalog.

  • Step Two –  Grab your phone, take a picture of it, and send an email to your friends and family using part or all of the script below… Be sure to include me in the email (meg@iteachstamping.com)

  • Step Three – sit back and wait for your gifts to arrive!

Here's a handy message you can copy and paste into an email to your friends and family:

“Dear _______  I know you are super busy this year getting ready for the holidays and I would love to help you with some of your holiday gift shopping. You know I LOVE to stamp and paper craft and I know that it might be hard for you to choose things related to that. I am going to make it SO easy for you to give me exactly what I need without your having to go to a single store!

I have filled out a wish list with my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, Meg Daves, and all you have to do is call her at (512) 716-0632 or email her at Meg@ITeachStamping.com and she will help you select items I am DYING to get my hands on! It's kind of a win win!  You don't have to hit the mall and you will be gifting me with something I NEED and will use and will love to get.

You will still get to surprise me and I will be so excited to have more goodies to use to create and share the projects and cards that I send out to everyone including YOU!”

Seriously, you will be doing them such a huge favor – who doesn't love to give someone something they know the person really wants? But it's a bummer to just say “Oh I will pay for that”, right?  This way they still get to surprise you but it's all within a group of things you've identified as being on your radar.

It's easy, it's fast, you are helping people experience the joy of giving you something they know you will love AND you are building your stash? Is there anything better than that? And it's not selfish to work out how to get everything you want for Christmas – it's smart and kind and sorta awesome!

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