What do you get when you cross a cow stamp set with a telephone stamp set?

An awesome card!!!

It all came together so well for a Mystery Stamping event we did in Stamping Family. This was the card at the end.

Everyone that participated that day made such beautiful cards! Even Jen liked hers (which is a 50/50 kinda thing!)

If you haven't ever done Mystery Stamping, you should join us! We do these about every 6 weeks, it's a family favorite!

Before we get to the card, let's talk about this patterned paper….

It's a funny story, one of too much paper – can you relate?

First, let me show you the paper.

It's fun, right?

But for those of us that aren't making a lot of galaxy kind of cards, there is only so much that we may need, right?

And that amount may be none at all.

I was in the none at all category.

And then I went to order the papers for my new catalog paper share and miscalculated and bought an extra 2 packages.

Yep, TWO!

So not only did I not want any of it, here I was with two full packages of 12″ x 12″ patterned paper that I really didn't care for.

And then I started doing the paper share work and opened the first package. When I looked at in the catalog, all I saw was the planets, stars, and galaxy pages. I wasn't paying attention to any other part of it. It just wasn't for me.

Then I saw the back side of the papers. There's these cool bright greens and Berry Burst, some blues and I thought that this paper may not be as bad as I first thought.

I still wasn't convinced though.

Two months went by before I even touched it.

And then I needed some Berry Burst card stock or something on a card. And I remembered this paper. Turns out, it was perfect for my project.

Then I found myself using the orange for Halloween. Then some of the green for Christmas.

Y'all…. I am ALMOST OUT of both packages!!!

I did make two cards with the galaxy pattern, but everything else had nothing to do with the stars and planets.

Sitting in my Stampin' Up! shopping cart is another package of this paper. It's the only paper from the annual catalog that I am out of.

So the one I liked least I used the most.

If you like bright colors, don't overlook this patterned paper!

When it came to Mystery Stamping, it was, AGAIN, the perfect paper.

And if you are wondering what I did with the two pieces that have the planets on one side and the stars on the other, I have a tip for you for those also down near the bottom of this post.

See that lime patterned paper? It adds just enough texture and color without overwhelming the card!


So for the stamp sets, the flowers are from the Cutest Cows stamp set and the sentiment comes from the telephone stamp set, Let's Chat.

Add some dry embossing and coloring and you have a winning card!

The Supplies

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Want To Try Mystery Stamping?

Want to follow the clues and have fun stamping with others, where you can see their faces and see their cards as we all create together?

Then you have to join Stamping Family!

We have so much fun together and the group is simply amazing.

From our thoroughly active members that miss nothing to those that are more of our lurkers and watch behind the scene, there is a way for everyone to enjoy our wonderful membership!

I've left the membership joining open for a while, it will close again this spring. During the periods it's closed, we are active in the site, but don't take new members. That gives me time to do big updates and backend stuff. And I don't rush that, so it stays closed for at least 6 weeks.

Still Want to Know That Planet Tip?

Cool, I've got you! Scroll back up and look at the planet paper in the middle. It has the planets on one side and stars on the other. Go ahead and scroll, I'll wait.




Did you see it? What I see when I look at that is a LOT of circles that are begging to be die cut and punched out to use on projects. Nothing at all to do with planets!

I hope these tips and this paper highlight have helped you in some way for your paper crafting. If they did, leave me a comment and let me know. Until next time, XOXO, Meg

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