So today is our first day off the ship, in Ketchikan, so I really do not have any pictures here yet to share.  Hubby has to do a bit of work (blah!) so we found a quaint little coffee shop right next to the cruise ship. 

But here is what I have loved so far…

1.  Seeing friends that I only see once a year on the Stampin' Up! incentive trip!

2.  Dining with new friends (Natalie!)

3.  Dining with the VP of Stampin' Up! (way cool!)

4.  Sitting and visiting with others as we look out at the vast sea and just relax!  It is so much fun to vacation, but even better with friends (no offense to my family:)

5.  Are you ready for this???  I mean, are you really, really ready to hear this?  Yesterday, while at sea, we received the new catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?  They have never, ever, never done this and let me tell you, it is incredible!!!!!  The new colors are awesome!  And the new accessories (you know how much I love the accessories!) are to die for!  And it is just pretty – simply beautiful!  The big catalog is kinda like a security blanket, an old friend, and I just feel better knowing that I have it around, make sense? 

I wish that I could share it with you, but we were threatened with being thrown overboard if any portion of it leaked out.  And the water here is really, really cold.  So I would get tossed over, eaten by Shamu, and you would still not get to see it. 

Just trust me when I say that you will smile when you see it!

I tried to post yesterday to my site, but the internet on the ship is dreadful.  After 6 minutes (at $.79/minute) I got logged in to post, clicked to post and then got kicked off.  So several dollars wasted and that is never fun.  So I will post when the internet is better and I will share pictures. 

Just know that when you go on a Stampin' Up! trip, it is like nothing you have ever seen before.  It is the one time of year I feel completely spoiled rotten. 


OH!!!!  And I completely forgot….

Most of you know that Matt has really needed a pick-me-up lately, and boy did he get it!  Yesterday at sea, they did a spouses meeting with fly tying lessons by a corporate team member that is a huge fly fisher.  And then they announced that they would take 5 people on an excursion of a lifetime:  take off in a float plane, fly for one hour, be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and fish.  You have probably already guessed that he got it, and he was giddy with excitement.  (and that is an understatement)  For those of you that know Matt, you probably know that he is rarely giddy.  I have probably only seen giddiness from him 4-5 times in the 15 years we have been together.  And he had to finally go back to the room and lie down he was so stinkin' excited.  So if you have ever wondered if spouses like Stampin' Up!, the answer is yes.  He loves these trips so much.  He enjoys meeting all the spouses, sitting in the "Man Room" and watching True Grit while us women-folk spin for Stampin' Up! merchandise and chit chat.  He loves meeting the corporate team members that constantly tell him how proud they are of us demonstrators.  And now, he is going fishing in Alaska. 

There is nothing like the incentive trip with Stampin' Up!

Off to play!  More sooon!

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