Have you ever done it?

Most stampers will say no.

We make a lot to give, a lot for our stash, but to create one specifically for ourselves? That's not a thing.

But I'm hoping to make it a thing!!

I'm not big on journaling. I'm great at starting to journal, but I'm not consistent with it.

What I do though is make a card for myself to mark milestones, achievements, days of feeling low, words of encouragement, and more.

Right now, I'm starting in on a new big adventure with my crafting. So it's a perfect time for me to make myself a card.

On the inside, I captured my feelings of excitement about this new journey. I did this because there may be hard times, rough times, times of discomfort, and maybe times of stress.

And when we are going through those times, we often forget the joy and excitement that started us on this journey.

Having a card that I can read later is like a letter to my future self. And reading them later let's me know how far I've come, or holds my hand when I am struggling.

What's crazy is that I knew I wanted to make a card for myself, but I didn't quite know what it would look like. I was digging though my stamps and found the perfect stamp set. I already had it, but don't remember reading the sentiments before.

See how perfect this stamp set is with the clock and the sentiment to capture exactly what I was talking about above?

I went with gray and pink because it brought me back to the gray and pink Huffy bike I wanted as a kid. I never got that bike, but this color combination has stuck with me in the way of going after something I want. Something I've dreamed of.

And this time, I feel like I will get it – not the bike, but the new adventure.

It's funny how color is so impactful, isn't it?

What I Used

I used these Catherine Pooler Designs supplies to make this card:

Items I didn't use but that coordinate:

I also envision using this stamp set to make cards for Emily's friends as they leave for college, for retirement cards, the list goes on and on – it's a great set!

The Cotton Candy ink pad is the perfect pink. It's not too orangy, it's not too dusty, it's just the best soft pink. And I love how the Hoodie ink pad is a bold gray but still a soft gray. It's like the gray I've been missing forever. None of my pinks or grays hit the mark like these two do.

Are You Inspired To Make Yourself a Card?

I want to know your thoughts on this idea of making cards for yourself and writing yourself a message. As I said above, it's a way to capture moments and memories using our favorite form of crafting – card making! See you in the next project! XOXO, Meg

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