I have two seconds before I have to dash out the door for Bible study, and it is a good thing that I can type super fast!  I have a video tutorial coming up later today, I tried to get it done this morning, but the coffee wasn't strong enough for that.

Quick Leap Year Day story.  I see February 29th as a bonus day – it is just an extra day to truly enjoy.  So I asked my family their thoughts on today.  Here is what they day means to each of us:

Me:  No cleaning, no cooking on a bonus day.  Spend the day just happy. Treat yourself to something that maybe you only get to do every four years. 

Emily:  Leap Year Day?  Yippee, I get to spend the whole day leaping around!!!  (and she started doing it all around the house.)

Matt:  No big deal, I have to work, and since I am working on Feb 29th rather than Mar 1st, that means I have to do drug pull. 

Here is what I do with this info:  I have a little notebook in my nightstand, and it is amazing how my view point on ONE DAY has changed since I only write in it every four years.  So much is different within the span of four years.  Spend 10 minutes tonight and write down how you spent your day.  It is really fun to go back and look and what you did four years earlier with a bonus day.

OK, off to celebrate my extra poofy hair (great hair day!) before the rain comes and go finish out the Book of James.  Check back in a bit for the card and video tutorial!  (those that know me really, really well understand the poofy hair comment, some day I will share the stories with you if you really, really want to know 🙂

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