You can switch up any component of this project for endless Halloween gift bag ideas!

I am sucker for Halloween gift bag ideas – really any DIY gift bag ideas (Decorate It Yourself) – because you can start with those super inexpensive dollar store bags, add just a few touches of extreme cuteness and have something tailor made for any event or occasion. Today's project is just too cute for words and I am really excited to share it with you today. First, let me explain why I am a nut for ideas for how to dress up these little totes.

For every volleyball game, Emily gives a gift to her team sister.  Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just something fun and encouraging like a funny pair of socks, a hair tie in team colors, lip balm…….  With Halloween on the horizon, Emily wants to give her team sister just a bag full of candy. But what do you put it in?  Well, when you're a papercrafter, what could be better than dressing up your own gift bag?!?!

PRO TIP: I get asked all the time what I use coupons for at the craft store since I have a stamp store at my fingertips with Stampin' Up! and I will tell you I ALWAYS use them on packages of gift bags! They are the perfect thing to use a coupon on.  They come in all sizes, in packages of 10 or 12, and then all you have to do is create a cover, add a little decoration and of course add a tag to it.

Recently I found wood tags that are the perfect size for gift bags – just perfect I tell ya!  The Playful Alphabet dies (the most versatile die set!!) are just the best for tags.  This die set works for so many things – see below why I think it's a fabulous deal, too!

Let me share this delightful boo gift bag with you…

The Project


an example of easy to do Halloween gift bag ideas to dress up dollar store bags with some basic card making supplies from Stampin' Up!


You can't get much cuter than this, I mean really?!?!?  Unless you don't like polka dots – and honestly I don't know what to say to that.  I am a polka dot junkie!!

What makes this gift bag more than just die cut circles on black card stock is the tag, the ribbon, and did you notice the stamped tissue paper?  When you can create all the elements to work together, the entire look is complete and now even the smallest gesture becomes a true gift.  When you pull these pieces together, the sum truly is more than the parts.

Ready to make these?  You will need just a few supplies – one of them being my favorite die set. This alphabet/number set is so incredibly versatile and I use it a ton. You can see where I used the numbers here. I love that the letters and numbers, along with other characters you never knew you needed (and you WILL use them!), all come in one set. Stampin' Up! was also SUPER smart and added extras of letters that get used a lot which makes die cutting words all at once much easier – I haven't seen any other set out there that did this.

The Supplies

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Project Printable

And just like that, your project comes together fast, quick, easy, and delightfully cute – making it a win in my book.  If you want a printout of this project with its supplies, my friend, you are in luck!  Here is one created just for you!


A FREE Printable Project sheet for one of our Halloween gift bag ideas made using some basic supplies from Stampin' Up!



Thank You

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out today's example of easy to do Halloween gift bag ideas.  It's super fast to make, seriously BOO-tiful and much better than one you can pick up in a store.  See you in the next project!  XOXO, Meg

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