Ever heard the term “fussy cut” and wondered what they were talking about?  Or, have you ever heard someone groan at the prospect of a fussy cut OR had people say how much they loved it?

First, to fussy cut means to take a stamped image and using a small, very sharp pair of scissors like our AWESOME Paper Snips (and be careful – they are SHARP) to cut the image out very closely and carefully. Like I did on this card:

Wondering what fussy cut means


See that CUTE little coffee mug?  That was not cut with a framelit, as much as it may appear to be!  I fussy cut that little cutie pie. And no, I don't have some super secret freaky talent – I have those Paper Snips. I swear THEY have the freaky super power because I can cut out just about anything and make it look machine done. The secret is first the sharpness and second the size so whatever you use make sure they are razor sharp and nimble.

This patterned reminded me of a flannel shirt that makes you feel all warm and snuggly – what goes better with warm and snuggly than coffee or hot chocolate? So once I got the layers arranged, I knew I had to add a mug.

Does the term fussy cut make you happy


Now paper crafters seem to be equally divided on the thought of fussy cut sessions. Some LOVE it – they stamp out a ton of images, plop down with their Snips in front of the TV or at the park and go to town, getting all Zen and focused. Some people HATE it and will do anything to avoid it.

Where do you land on this?  I would love to know!

Learn what a fussy cut is

This card comes together in a snap once you finish your fussy cut so, yes, if you are a fussy cut fanatic, this would make a GREAT batch card for the holidays!  If you aren't a fussy cut fan but like the card, feel free to substitute something else in that corner, even one of the larger cups from the Coffee Cups Framelits set. And yes, I know those tiny bows can be a hassle but if you use the 10 Second Bow Maker, I PROMISE you will never again shy away from projects with bows, especially when using tricky ribbons!

Here are the other things you will want to have on your table to make this cute card:

Do you love or hate to fussy cut


There you have it – everything you need to know about the fussy cut!






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