This bundle cracks me up! Normally I am not a chicken/rooster card, but the more I looked at the Hey Chuck bundle, the more it just made me laugh.

I am all for laughter. Anyone else?

Let me share this bundle with you and then I will point out what I saw.

I always liked the little fence with this card. I love how it has a die cut with it if you get the bundle. You can use that for so many cards.

In the stamp set, there are 11 images and only 4 are of the poultry nature. And that skateboard, you can easily use tat as a plant stand for all your plant images. It can hold moving boxes like a furniture mover dolly thingy. And I like that there is a little birthday cake that you can use for birthdays, graduation, anything where cake and icing is involved – oooh, like a one year anniversary cake (grabbing a post-it note to jot that one down).

HOT TIP: Whenever you have those ah-ha moments, grab a post-it note and stick it right onto the stamp set. Or else that idea will get lost in the great ideas that never happen universe, and we don't want that!

Then there is that half sun on there – BUT what if it's just great circles with spikey thingies to go around the edge of a card.

Things like that, we want to capture.

Today I am sharing a card with one of the roosters (I don't know, it may be a chicken) on it. And it's fun, cute, and makes the perfect masculine card.

Since he's wearing boxers, it just makes me laugh.

The Card That Makes Me Laugh

Here's the card that just flat out makes me laugh.

How fun is this?!?!

And it goes together quickly since all it has is some stamping, a smidge of coloring, and then dry embossing and die cutting. Seriously, this is a quick card!

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I Wanted to Make Some Jokes to End This…

I really wanted to make some chicken jokes, but I keep getting stuck on the word cluck, so than anything I think of to go with it comes out sounding fowl. HAHAHA!!! OMGosh, that's even better. I didn't catch what I just typed until I was proofreading this post. That's is just awesome. How better to leave it than that!? Until next time, XOXO, Meg

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