New Friday Flip Video:  Making a Handmade Card

It's Friday – and that means a new Friday Flip!  Today's handmade card that we are making is based off one of my favorite Thank You cards:

New Friday Flip Video:  Making a Handmade Card

I love so many things about this card, I don't even know where to start.  I love banner/button combo, the polka dots (OF COURSE!), the sentiment, the list goes on and on…

So how do you take so many things and change them up?  Start with the simple wins.  Can you change the orientation of it?  Meaning rotating it 90 degrees.  Do you have another sentiment?  And for the banner, can you make it smaller and go with a smaller button too?

Let's dive into the video…

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Here is our finished Friday Flip handmade card:

New Friday Flip Video:  Making a Handmade Card

Thanks so much for joining me for today's Friday Flip!  I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this handmade card.  See you in the next project!

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