Friday Flip:  Graduation Card Tutorial

In today's tutorial, it is all about making a handmade graduation card – and it is the newest Friday Flip in the series.

We will start with our inspiration card, and in the video, I share why I don't love the card just the way it is…

Here is what is referred to as the Moose Card:




Ummm…. yeah….

BUT, the big part of this card is the layout, to me it is fabulous.  To me it screams “Graduation Card!!!”  (Can you hear it, or is it just me?)

We are going to keep a lot of the same elements, but we are going to turn it into a fun graduation card meant to hold a gift card, check or cash.  A fun way of taking an impersonal gift and spiffing it up a bit.

Wow, I just said spiffing….  I don't think I have used that word since the 80's.

All the supplies are listed at the bottom of this post if you want to make the flipped project.

When you use my links, it goes through my online store, and I get credit for the sales and I love you more than I already do!

So what elements will stay and which will go in this week's Friday Flip?  Watch and see!



Here is final front of the graduation card:



Here is the inside of this graduation card:



Supplies used to create this card are listed below.  To order anything, simply click on the items and add them to your shopping bag.  Then check out and wait for your shipment.

Quick Order Product Links:


Thanks so much for joining me for today's Friday Flip, where we turned a Moose card into a graduation card in this tutorial!

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